HELP! I'm having a bad ms time no support

My nan had a blood transfusion and is very poorly my grandad won’t travel alone so for the last MONTH been helping him go up and see her. I told him when I had my diagnoses that I have extremely bad r.r ms and he laughed at me saying I’m not biting my ear or wheel chair bound. That’s my grandad very insensitive I have no family apart from my nan & grandad and that’s why I put up with it and of course I love them. I’m on tysibri so after treatment I feel pooped but still help him. My daughter has just turned 2 and is going through a demanding stage she has a great daddy. ANYWAYS last Thursday after getting back from grandads I got in and said to my partner I need a cuddle, I just cried for hours and needed to go for a nap to stop the crying. FRIDAY MORNING I woke up to the room spinning, everywhere I walk I feel very dizzy, since then it comes and goes and my speech is at its worse . THE PROBLEM… Today Monday 7th I have to go to ATOS it’s a medical examination I have to be there at 8:50 I have no transport I have a 2 year old no family to look after her and I want/need my partner there. I’m in no fit state to be going anywhere but in the letter they said if I don’t attend I will loose my benefit. I have contacted my mp about this because I’m not the only person with this issue. There is no cure for ms so why keep pestering me for if anything I have got worse! I’m sorry for the essay just needed to vent

hi tamsin,

i’m SO sorry you’re having such an awful time, at the moment particularly, althogh it’s got to be hard helping out your grandparents all the time.can you get to your ATOS meeting? can your partner be with you? is he availlable today? years ago, when i was going through the hoopla they like to put us through, i did have my, then, husband with me for medical assessments. if at all possible have someone there, if only to be a second set of ears, so to speak. i must confess, when i attended my assessments i was a basket case and weepy all the time. i could hardly talk about my ms. i’d be wary of putting on a ‘brave’ face, be as plain speaking as you can about symptoms, write down bullet points, for yourself, so you dont forget any problems they should know about. if there’s an ms society group near you, contact them, if you have ms nurses available, reach out about your problems, i wish i could offer greater support than this, i really feel for you. if at all poss. try having your partner speak ‘man to man’ with your grandad about what your dealing with, how he’s being is probably a lot to do with his age group?!

letus know about how your day goes, and keep coming here to vent, it hepls, we’ve all done it!

wendy x

Thanks for the lovely message Wendy :slight_smile: well my partner rang the medical center up this morning saying I was too poorly to attend and explained how dizzy I am and the appointment needs to be rearranged they have put me in for the 1st may saying this can’t happen again. When my partner told me what they said it made me angry I have no control of ms and how it makes me feel! Yes your right about my grandad it is his age soon to be 75 he sees me walk so in his eyes I’m fine. My partner keeps saying stop ringing him and going round coz he saw a big difference after my break down on Thursday to how I am now, he does get angry with me. My ms nurse Debbie is absolutely brilliant and always there she gives me time to get my words out. My GPS are absolutely rubbish… sometimes I feel so lonely with this nasty disease :frowning: I hate saying to my little girl mummy can’t come to the park I feel poorly, I do the best I can playing with her indoors. Very true Wendy it’s nice to vent and have someone like yourself understand x

Oh love, you do have a lot on and no wonder you had the break down and let it all out.

I can see why your partner gets angry, about you doing so much for your grandparents.

Yes, you want to help them, of course you love them BUT

you are not coping as it is, without seeing to their needs too.

your little one is at the age where you needs tons of energy following her an making sure she is safe.

You are going to have to reduce the amout of time you send helping your grandparents…or you will burn out totally.

luv Pollx