Argh had enough of lack of family support!

I’ve totally had enough of my family! This is week 7 of this episode and I’m still off balance and have poor memory but the pins and needles are much improved and can walk pretty normally until I get too tired. I work in an Intensive Care Unit so need to be on form as the patients I look after are very sick. My mum works for my GP surgery and asked her to make me an appt and her response was ‘no cos she’s not in today and you need to get your ass back to work. All your work colleagues can see your flying off and your gonna end up getting the sack.’ So reassuring to know she believes I’m genuinely ill…not!

Sorry to hear your mum is being less than supportive. Do you think maybe it’s possible that this is her way of coping? If she believes you are acting then she doesn’t have to admit that her daughter is ill? Not that it makes it right. Have you told her that her comments upset you? Maybe she doesn’t realise how her backhanded comments are affecting you?

The MS society and trust do some amazing free literature all about explaing MS to others. Maybe you could order one and ask her to have a read? Hopefully if you explain things to her she will see the error of her ways and be more supporive in the future.

Good luck

Laura :

Thanks Laura. I replied to her and told her that it wasn’t nice to know she doesn’t believe me. She said it couldn’t be MS cos it would worsen over time not come and go. I told her that there were different types and that it was likely I have RRMS. She seems a lot more worried about me now x

Good to hear, do get her to read at least one booklet. I found it so much easier to have family who understood, it meant i didn’t have to keep explaining things, which i found quite hard and very tiring. Hope things improve for you soon.

Laura x

Thanks. I ordered some booklets so will get her to read them. Just got back from the drs and been signed off for another 3 weeks which takes the total up to 10 weeks so far x

You’d have thought that working in a doctors surgery, she would have picked up information about things! Hope the booklets will help to get things clear. You’ve got enough to contend with, without her making life difficult. ((((HUGS)))) x

Oh no big hugs. Take the time you need family stick there head in the sand sometimes but itu is no walk in the park you need to be fighting fit X

Thanks guys. I was in tears earlier cos I felt so bad about being off sick and putting pressure on my partner financially cos of me being off sick, and then he decided he would play devils advocate and ask what if it was all in my head and what happens if I can’t go back to work. Course now I feel totally drained! X