help during a power cut everyday living

My niece has pms confined to bed at home and can’t walk or use her hands. To communicate she has Alexa, and a voice operated iPad to turn on the tv etc. last week there was a power cut, and every Ide of communication failed, her bed of course, Alexa, and her communication system.
While she is on the vulnerable list, this is useless if she can’t make calls to get help.
Her carers were not there so my question is, what can be done to ensure nothing goes off during a power cut? Is there a back up system, or a generator that can be installed? What if there is a fire? I am very worried. She is very intelligent but communication is all technological and when it fails she is in trouble.
Any thoughts, suggestions or help is appreciated.
Thanks for listening.

Battery back up for certain devices would’ve best, generators can be noisy and certainly not suitable for flats. The electricity company should be able to advise

Thanks so much for recommending battery backup vs generator, I will check into it!
So appreciated,

Hi, I have Alexa and Google to control most household items and I find the ‘tapo’ wifi plugs really useful. I also have a ‘lifeline’ attached to my wrist which luckily I can use manually which is provided by the council, have ’ assistant technology ’ got any ideas.