Assistance info for MS people who are alonealone


My niece is moving into a house on her own due to divorce. She is bedridden most of the day with PPMS due to chair sores. Carers come in twice a day to get her up and put her to bed.  Her  mum who is 86 has been coming up every day but we need to set in place things like food provision, given that winter is coming and her mum may not be able to come up every day. They live in the Kirklees area. Can anyone tell me who to contact or where to contact someone who can provide mid day food or have someone who can provide more daily contact as she has not been out of the house for months. Is there someone who can give massage therapy for example? What can she apply for that will help her have a better quality of life?  She really needs some help.

Any advice is appreciated?

thanks for reading and responding 



Hello Gillian, we are the neighbouring district to Kirklees ie Calderdale…In case anyone reading doesnt know these names, they are the Huddersfield/Halifax districts.

Does your niece have her carers under Direct Payments/Social Services? I have mine from Calderdale Social Services.

Our Social Services (Gateway to Care) are the people to contact re more help in personal care/meal preparation etc.

So I imagine it would be them for Kirklees. Sounds a very urgent matter, so do strongly express that when you speak to someone.


Thanks for this, we will call. Anyone know who might provide massage therapy, Another problem is food delivery. If food arrives from Asda there is no one to unpack and put it away if you are bed bound. Also what If there is an emergency? If you are living on your own this is a real problem. Any info is appreciated z,


I used to get free massages at the day hospice, but now it is only a zoom meeting. They made me feel so much better and more relaxed.

I dont think there are any free NHS massages, so it would have to be done privately. You probably would have difficulty getting a mobile therapist to come out during covid. But worth a phonecall to one or 2. There are some in the Huddersfiled area…give google a go.

Regarding the food delivery…best to pick a slot when carers will be there.

And re emergencies, has your niece got careline installed in her home? Social Services do these, but they arent free, unless means testing says otherwise.


Student massage therapists may offer free massages as part of their course.

Try the local colleges,

I had my legs waxed by a student and also a haircut.

Thanks so much I will check!


Hi there,

thanks to everyone for their help! My niece who is bedbound and lives on her own, really needs a handy person she can call foe times when the boiler loses pressure which happened recently and when the electricity fused which meant her bed that is a special one to prevent bed sores was not working. Any ideas as to someone who is responsible in zkirklees who she could call. Does the ms assoc have a list?


British Gas Homecare will come out and do jobs that are not just your boiler.

They even unblocked a drain for me (nasty horrid job)

there are other companies that do the same so shop around.