Advice re help available

Hi My brother has PPMS & things recently has become very tough for him. He’s in hospital after what was first thought of a possible stroke. However it seems this progression in his symptoms are more MS related. He can no longer walk. His home has no adaptions & so I’ve no idea what help will be available. I live over 300 miles away & so feel pretty helpless. His has immediate family yet I’m not confident they’ll be assertive to organise support. Please any info re what help is available from social care - if any would be appreciated. I do intend to phone his local MS group yet know he isn’t a member. Many thanks Mo

Hi Mo, sorry to hear this. Nothing more frustrating than needing to help but distance is an issue. Is bruv in a general hospital or a rehab one? The reason I ask is they are much more geared up for neuro issues ina rehab hospital. First port of call may be the social work team at the hospital, the local ms nurse. The neurology team should have contact details. This will then trigger an OT and an assessment for identification of adaptations. Is that any good for now? Kind regards

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