Hi there, My father has had MS for approximately 20 years. Over the last few months he has unfortunately got considerably worse, this has been compounded by the fact that my brother (who used to live at home) has moved away. He is having a lot more falls compared to when my brother was around as previously if he felt a bit wobbly my brother was able to assist. My mother cares for him but works full time. He has a care package in place and whilst the carers are lovely and do a great job they are only able to assist him with personal care and prepare meals and drinks for him and not help him if he falls or take him out. Recently he has had a number of falls, the initial fall caused him to crack his ribs and so each subsequent fall has been partly due to his even more restricted mobility due to this. I am currently not working as I am pregnant and have a young child and call in on him most days but am unable to assist him physically like my brother used to do. I have had to call paramedics twice this week already as he has fallen and I haven’t been able to assist him and this just can’t continue. I am just at my witts end and want to help him so much but don’t know what to do. I have contacted social services and all they are able to do is provide one further call per day which I don’t think will help, he really needs some form of care provision where somebody is with him, who is able to move him, all of the time. I have been looking into respite care with a view to him spending a few days away for total relaxation, care and recovery but am not able to find any ms focused centres, everything seems geared up for the elderly ( he is in his late 50’s). I just wondered if anyone could recommend any appropriate respite providers (preferably in the south west) or had any ideas re day to day care provision. Thanks so much

Hi, I see how worrying the situation is for you.

Do you know how he comes to fall? I am wondering if he is using any mobility aids. Has he been seen by an OT? I`ve had these bods lots of times and they are brilliant at coming up with ideas we hadnt thought of. Maybe something like, walkers, hoists, wheelchairs or something else would be helpful.

About daycare…your dad`s Social Services will have lists of places where he could go…although I have recently been knocked back about attending a daycare centre. Social Services said it was too dear and I had to find something cheaper…but even then, funding wasnt available and I cant afford it on my own.

I`m glad to see dad has a care plan, but as you say, they cant be there all the time.

Social Services will also have info about respite centres. have you done any googling for your area?

Dunno what else to suggest.

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