Struggling to get support for my father

Hi, firstly I shall introduce myself. My name is Matt and I am the son of an MS sufferer.

My father suffers from multiple sclerosis and it is now really starting to effect his mobility. He has a bus pass which is great, but he is now getting extremely tired just getting to the bus stop. My father suffers from epilepsy and as a result now has no real short term memory, numerous times he can get lost, go in the wrong direction and recently getting the wrong bus. He can also forget the reason for his trip. Myself (son) and his daughter try our best where we can but both working full time it’s hard trying to keep him as independent as possible. He attends clubs run by charity’s in the local area and volunteers in a charity shop.

We are struggling to find a service/charity in our local community that can help with transport and doctors appointments etc. We live in Fleet, Hampshire and it would seem that they’re are services in the neighbouring towns but not in fleet. We’d be looking for transport to the town and in the future possibly some medical appointments. However due to the memory loss anyone who takes him has to stay in the appointment and take notes - again is this possible? Has anyone experienced a service like this? We’re trying our best but it’s becoming increasingly difficult getting time off work etc.

Sorry for the lack of structure in the post, my fathers main carer, a family friend, can no longer help with immediate effect so it’s all up in the air! We’ve looked at dial a ride service and unfortunately they do not run any earlier then half 9 meaning my father would not be able to attend minding the garden which he loves and keeps him positive!

Can you recommend anywhere we can look? Anyone from local area FLEET HAMPSHIRE? Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place, I wasn’t sure!

I look forward to hearing from you,
Many thanks

hi matt

look into direct payments which several people on here use.

this would enable your dad to employ someone to take him places and stay with him, or maybe it could be you or your sister who employs them on your dad’s behalf.

good luck

carole x

Hello, I was about to suggest exactly what Carole has suggested.

I dont think your dad is safe when going out alone.

A carer would make sure he is safe and gets where he needs to be.

Ring your Social Services for advice. Also try Carer`s Council.

luv Pollx

Thank you both for the replies. We have been waiting for care to be arranged since June. Agencies agree but on both occasions have cancelled on their starting date. They say they are struggling to find anyone to take on my Father. Thanks for the suggestion Carole, I shall look into this and hopefully we can get somewhere.

We all agree regarding safety, hes just so determined to stay as active as possible, we’re all trying our best to help him be able to do the things he loves. We just now need the support from an external agency but Adult Services have come up with nothing so we’re all worrying.

I shall look into everything that has been suggested.

Thanks again.


Hi again I emp!ohed my3 carers myself…didn’t use an agency nor asked social service to find carers. I had one recommended by a friend. Others are my sister and her friend. Had them 4.5 yrs now, with no problems.