Support for family

Dear all

Whomever is reading this I wonder if anyone can offer any advice. My mum was diagnosed approx 30 years ago and my dad has been her main carer ever since. He’s amazing! Does everything he can for her but he’s struggling (he’s 72) and I’m trying to do all I can to support them both. Can anyone offer me any ideas about supporting my dad and what support my mum can get. She’s a very proud lady but she needs help physically and my dad is struggling with this. I would like to try and help them find a suitable carer for a few hours a week so my dad can have some downtime and not worry about her at home on her own and wondered if anyone could advise me of where to find a suitable carer? My dad is also very proud but he’s struggling, in fact they’re both struggling but won’t admit it.

Thank you in advance.

Best wishes


Hi, you could ring social services ,adult care,they will arrange to come out to asses your mum and also your dad for a ‘carers’ assesment,they will sort out any help needed,and also carers,

or they will arrange whats called a ‘direct payment’ where they give your parents the money and they can sort out the carers they want, i think the direct payments are good as it means you are more in control of who you get.

good luck.

J x

Mrs J has given you the best advise.