Help,in an emergency for bed bound niece


my niece who is bed bound most if the time has one of those ms beds that inflate. She recently moved into a house where she lives on her own with carers coming three times a day. Recently something happened and the electricity went off and he’d bed de inflated. It was 3 hours before the carers came and she could get her bed to re inflate.

My question is, is there anywhere or anyone she can phone to help her when an emergency lime this arises?



I’m not sure if Care Call is nationwide but check with your local council. She would be given a bracelet or similar to press a button in an emergency. In my area I think the charge is about £18.00 a month she would need a phone line (land line) to connect.
If you’re asking for repair help hopefully someone else will be able to advise.

Jan x

Yes definitely what Jan has advised, in our area it is called ‘Lifeline’ and is connected to a home phone and you have either a bracelet or necklace to wear, and in an emergency you press it, they answer and send the appropriate help needed.

Hope this helps

Pam x

It was an emergency situation and failing a quick response from a careline pull, ring 999…she could end up with pressure sores if nothing is done quickly


Hi Jillllee. Sorry about your niece’s bad experience. How to is she now? Hope she’s ok.