Help Chrissy present

Can anybody help me.

I had (so I thought) a good idea for a pressy at Christmas for my mum, who is 85vrs old.

A bottle garden or ready planted terrarium.

I have looked high and low but I can’t find one.

I have tried garden centres, diy stores the internet.

Any ideas, I live in Oldham nr Manchester.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Ronin,

That’s a good idea, and I remember seeing them in Dobbies a while ago (I’m in Aberdeen), but I don’t go to garden centres very often. I had a look online too and didn’t find any, but there seems to be plenty information available on how to make one yourself, have you thought about doing that? Obviously buying one would be much easier, and probably cheaper than buying all the bits to make one, but if that’s what you want to give your mum, it’s an option.

Luisa x

l recently bought my elderly mum a orchid plant [from Tesco] - she loves it - and the blooms last for months - then grow again.

They do not like lots of fuss - little water once a fortnight. Lots of folk thought it was artificial as it looks so perfect. Shall be buying her another

for christmas. The grow-your own boxes of Amarylis are also a lovely present. So interesting to watch how quick they grow and bloom.