Hello All,

I was just wondering (discluding World peace of course!), what does everyone want for Christmas?

I hope that everyone on the Forum has a peaceful and happy Christmas.

Best Wishes,



i would want half an hour with my mum…

wrapped or unwrapped is fine

ellie x

Hi Moira, I would like to hear that I can have my portable hoist changed to a fixed one in each room. Then I wont have to wait for hubby to move it to where i want to be. i expect ill be looking for funding, but a really, really good pressy would be a phonecall saying the Christmas fairy is paying for it. Taint too much too hope for, is it?

Hope everyone gets what they`d like too.

luv Pollx

I want a beam machine like they had on the old Star Treck. That way I could travel without the major hassle of travelling!!!

Have a lovely Christmas yourself,

Pat x

hi kim

i wasnt aware that you knew my mum! *giggle giggle

have a brill time-whatever u are doing

ellie x

i’d like an hour with my mum (not ellie’s) but that wouldnt be long enough

i’d also like some time with my bestest old friend who passed away in february

they might be neighbours where they are now, they’ll have to add an annex for me

carole x

I lost my mum nearly 4 years ago and although I would wish for some time with her I would actually just wish for health and happiness for those around me. I feel I have the greatest Xmas present already - fantastic family and friends who mean the world to me. Crikey that was a bit soppy going for me!


i should point out that my mum is still alive-against all odds. had cancer of various ‘bits’ and had chemo etc but was told she was not expected to live beyond 2 years-that was 20 years ago.

am grateful for that and am aware that drs dont always get it right.

i share with those who have been subjected to any loss.

take care,ellie x

I would like my health back, nothing else, just my health.

jaki xx

My father was given a 5% chance of survival from advanced prostae cancer at age 60. He’s now 78. But it’s caught up with him.

He will see this Christmas, it’s highly unlikely he’ll see the next one.

I don’t want him to be in pain. That’s my wish.

So glad you clarified that about your Mum, Ellie. You nearly received a mushy PM from me

And condolences to all who are missing loved ones at this time of year. I wish I could have my Dad back too. Still miss him dreadfully after 5 years.

Otherwise I would just like one year without a hospital admission but it doesn’t look likely for this Christmas as I have just dislocated my shoulder in a fall and been told I will need reconstructive surgery on it

Apart from the ever elusive good health I guess I’ll settle for a new espresso maker. More chance of actually getting that

Merry Christmas to All


For someone to buy my old car for a decent price! Want to sell it for Christmas, then the money can go on a holiday in the sun for the family in the New Year. Though my SO would say spend it on something more constructive

(I have a new car already so it is sat there doing nothing)

Apart from this, a better cure for S.A.D. or alternative treatment for it.

Hi Ellie, I am so pleased to read how your mum beat what the docs told her. My sis in law in canada has also lived past what the docs said. its only by a few months BUT they did tell her she had stage 4 cancer and no treatment or surgery would help. She`s had all the tumours removed, radiotherapy and has been told she is cancer free.

Miracles do happen, eh?

luv Pollx

I would wish to have one more Christmas with my dad. He is very ill in hospital at the moment with cancer.


I would like to have a bedroom for Christmas. Been lying on matresses on the floor in the living room since April 12th (the day I arrived home from hospital after my diagnosis). My husband had a nervous breakdown and spent five weeks in hospital recently, so now no chance of it being finished in time for christmas. The kids are already moaning that we haven’t got our christmas tree yet. Where the hell is it going to go? I ask myself. Probably next to the matresses on the floor, so I’ll have to contend with needles and spiders and the like. Part of the reason my husband had a nervous breakdown was due to my diagnosis of MS and his guilt over us living in a big old house (in need of lots of care attention and energy -and stupid amounts of money) and never having enough time to do it. If only it was just a decorating job, but no we’ve already knocked down two walls, damp proofed remaining walls, now need to build new wall, need new ceiling, new floor, new electrics- and that’s just in the bedroom!!! Recently had a course of physio for stiff neck and shoulder problems,no doubt from lying on the bl**dy floor for the last god knows how many months. Oh well it’s all due to end on the 21st Dec isn’t it, about time too I say. Father Christmas can go stuff himself down someone elses chimney (unless he has a bedroom in tow of course) Bah humbug!!!