Help, any radiologists in here?


I’m looking for some help deciphering some of my MRI results.

Due to being part of the review of all of Michael Watt’s patients in NI, I was able to request all my neurology records from the Royal Victoria Hospital, not because I did not trust Dr. Watt’s diagnosis but because they were being offered for free and plain curiosity to be able to read what we don’t normally get to see.

As well as a whole bunch of notes, referral letters and a stack of blood results, I was provided with my MRI reports including my most recent that I had on 16th July, (which I had the pleasure of spending well over an hour in the scanner for) but I don’t understand much, if any of what the reports say; I was even provided with the images themselves on a cd but to me the images look like the psychological ink blot tests more than anything recognisable!

So I’m looking for some guidance from someone who can translate my MRI reports just so I have more of an understanding of my own body and the effects the ms has had on it.

Thanks for reading.



I’m definitely not a radiologist but being curious I’ve just googled Michael Watts. Seems they are recalling affected patients & all his patients are being reviewed to ensure they received appropriate diagnosis and right sort of treatment. Seems they’re running 200 additional clinics with 9 neurology consultants. Being in the middle of all this you will of course be aware of it all, but feel you’re in a prime position to ask your questions from a consultant.

All the best

Tippy x

Hi Tippy,

I have had my review and my diagnosis was correct, but I had no doubt anyway as I trust Dr Watt wholeheartedly. Unfortunately the trust needed a scapegoat and Dr Watt ended up being caught up in the witch hunt.

The consultant that I had my review with and is now my neuro in the interim, lied to me twice during the review, hasn’t bothered to send out the letters out to the relevant people for referrals or even my gp and it was on the 19th June!!

Plus they never tell you what the technical words in the MRI reports mean and even if he did the time to go over the report, why should I believe what he says?!

Dr Watt treated you as a whole person and saw behind the ms but the new neuro just sees the disease and how to treat the ms like it was separate from me?

Also I’d love to know where all these consultants came from as there was no one covering his clinics for over a year!

Rant over!


Heavens Steph, what a nightmare. I’ve been trying to think what I’d do in your position. Do you have a good MS Nurse as they should be able to translate. The MS Nurses must have been (are still) going through a difficult time too. Or is your GP approachable and understanding, he/she should be made aware of the lack of communication although I suspect the office staff must be completely overwhelmed with work.

Anyone else on the forum any ideas - especially if you’re from NI too?

Tippy x