Hi,I wondered if there is such a thing as a private radiographer who can explain reports?? My neuro always dismisses them but I really would like someone to explain them to me…


Hi I can’t think of a private radiographer. The following website has helped me before on terminlogy of MRI scans and reports of MS.

As I understand it, the radiographer is the technician who operates the machinery and takes the pictures as per specification but is not usually qualified to report on the scan (although for sure most of them have a lot of relevant knowledge - they’re just not qualified to use it formally in that way). It is usually the consultant radiologist (who is a doctor) who reports on the scan and that is the report that goes back to the commissioning specialist (your neurologist) with the scan pictures.

Many consultant radiologists do private work as well as NHS work, but I suspect they would be very wary of reporting separately to the patient for fear misunderstandings and crossed wires. Their client for that NHS scan was the commissioning neurologist, not the patient. And it is the neurologist who is the point of contact with you as patient, not the radiologist. It would probably be easier for you to commission a private scan and get a radiologist to report on that privately just for you, but that would be very much more expensive, of course. Please do note that I’m guessing here - this is all beyond my experience.

Please do let us know how you get on, though - I would be very interested to hear.


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Such a useful link, thank you so much

Thanks so much Alison. It was actually from initial private scans. I am seeing neurologist soon so will ask for more explanation. I always go a bit nervous in there and feel like I’m wasting his time.

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Hi, do you have an ms nurse as I do and because my neurologist has not explained my scans she is going to access them and explain them to me when I see her the week after next. Can you ask to be referred to see another neurologist as I have heard of another one who is meant to be good. Who I would prefer to see.

Polly xx

Hi, just be aware hun…involving different specialists could bring differing opinions. I was tossed from pillar to post when several consultants saw my casenotes. All it did was confuse me more.

Hope you get a satisfactory answer.


Thanks Poll, she was quite surprised my scan results have not been explained to me. So she is going to do it. My MS Nurse is really good. I know I am lucky to have her having read several posts regarding MS Nurses.

Polly x