Understanding Mri report

I wonder if anyone could help me to understand my Mri report.

“No significant focal parenchymal abnormality. Right lateral periventricular linear T2 hyperintensity appearances consistent with prominent perivascular space.”

thanks xx

Hiya Baby,

That is so easy; I’m not even going to bother deciphering it. I do suggest you read the wonderful Rizzo’s sticky that may give you some info.

Why oh why do they send such info to patients and expect them to understand. Was it the NHS or private; have you a Neurologist?


Hey George, thanks for replying to me. It is nhs and yes I do have a neurologist but she’s on holiday at the moment and I was given the report by the receptionist at my gp surgery when I don’t think I should have. After giving it to me they later rang me and asked me to return it as it shouldn’t have been given to me. The gp assured me that the results were normal but to wait to speak to my neurologist :slight_smile: