Help/advice re EYES - please

I am not sure if my eyes are becoming effected or not? I have had a kind of blurring normally akin to the type experienced with conjunctivitis , but without the associated yuk! Also left eyeball feels “frozen” similar to when the optician puts the drops in before a glaucoma check. Also have like a tempory steaming up of the eyes , last seconds ??? Grateful for any thoughts. Regards to you all

Hi, blurred vision could be due to a number of things. I would go and see your optician as soon as possible. They may feel further investigations by an Opthalmologist are needed. I’ve lost much of my vision in my left eye so i tell people not to mess around with their vision and to get a professional opinion. Jacqui x

Thank you I appreciate your concern and advice and i am sorry to hear of your difficulty