Hi all new to the forum, was just wondering if anyone was given any meds for blurred vision I’ve had 9 episodes in 3 weeks and just had one on the school run, it’s starting to be unsafe for me and my children. I’m still waiting for dx not seeing Nurologist till September but can’t carry on like this.

I was given steroid drops but they did nothing that was from ophthalmologist my ms specialist has booked me in for vep had it a year now wish it would clear up. Maybe someone else is more helpful.

Hiya, It might be worthwhile making a trip to the gp to get a referral to the eye specialist as an emergency. Any blurring isn’t normal. Failing that, go to the opticians and they may send you straight down to the eye specialist with a letter of referral. J x

Thanks for advice will give them a call and see what they say x

Thanks, will get in contact with docs x

When did you last have an ordinary eye test? If it was more than a few months ago, it might be worth making an appointment with your optician for a check up. They will be able to identify some problems themselves and refer you to a specialist for treatment and if they can’t identify the cause of your problems, it will save time if you can say that you have had an eye test recently and it was normal.

Personally, I’d go to the optician first, GP second. Just my preference.

I last had my eyes tested last year after my last stints blurred vision, all seemed well, will see if I can get one for weekend, thanks for advice