HELP - a follow up to my previous post


I just wanted to ask a few questions if possible as everyone knows what they are talking about here which is a welcome change from seeing my doctor. i am currently undergoing tests (Neurologists appt next Thursday) and have been to an Ophthalmologist as well regarding what I think was an attack of Optic Neuritis that lasted around 6 weeks (the pain behind my eye and blind spots have all but gone but my right eye remains blurry and washed out to colours but i can cope with that). When i saw the Opthalmologist he dilated my pupils and did looked into my eyes with some sort of machine.

I asked him what was wrong and he just replied with “let’s just wait until you see another specialist” and he told his assistant to book me a new appointment ASAP. I have received the appointment which are in late September (visual field test) and early October (appt with specialist). I then received a letter yesterday from my doctors surgery to make an appointment with my doctor at my earliest possible convenience on the instruction of my ophthalmologist.

I called the doctors and they wouldn’t tell me anything and earliest appt i can get is Tuesday next week so i am a bit worried. Is this normal procedure or does it seem a little odd?

Also i seem to have developed L’hermittes sign when i bend my head forward but also get similar electric zap feelings if i turn m,y head to the side sometimes. It’s all very odd.

Sorry for the rambling message and hope it makes some sense.



wow what a way to terrify someone! Can you ring in the morning everyday to try to get a sooner appointment and my surgery has a duty doctor you can talk to over the phone so that might help put your mnd at rest a bit as thats how I saw my doctor as she said " well we definitely need to see you, come see me this afternoon" so sometimes they will “find” appointments for you if you need them. Hope it all goes ok and try not to worry (easier said than done), feel better soon xyx

hi paul

it’s good that your gp is acting on advice of your ophalmologist.

hopefully he/she will be able to explain thngs more fully next tuesday.

and you are seeing a neuro next thursday.

meanwhile make a list of your symptoms, when they started, treatment given, if it went away etc

keep it to yourself because the neuro will want to conduct his own investigation.

you can leave a copy with him.

good luck

carole x

Wow, well that’s not a cliffhanger honest! No wonder you’re worried, it’s hanging you on. Sometimes I wish they’d not say anything rather than give a titbit that makes us worry more : s keep us posted and best of luck. We are here whatever it is.xx

Hello Paul, Sorry to hear that you ae going through the mill at the moment. I have been going to Moorfields eye hospital in London for more years than I can, or want to remember and have learnt a few things. Firstly the Fields test is nothing to worry about, they cover one eye and with the other eye you look into a machine and have to watch the white dot in the middle of the screen, when you see a white flash you click the button they give you to hold, they then repeat it with the other eye. Takes about 20 minutes totally painless. Promise. When the Opthamologist dilated your pupils it enabled him to see into the back of your eyes which can tell them lots. I don’t want to scare you but it could mean the pressure in your eyes are either to high to low or just right and they can also see if there is any damage to the optic nerve. I wish you lots of luck for next Tuesday. Please let us know how you get on. Janet x

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