Hello everyone Im new here

not the best of times sadly but I was wondering if anyone could answer some questions?

I haven’t received a governments letter for vulnerable persons letter and I do know that MS alone doesn’t cover the guide lines but I do take Fingolimod and I got a letter from the drug company today reading

I have been identified by the NHS as a person in the extremely vulnerable group, do I continue with my treatment?
Yes. There should be no changes to taking your regular medication as prescribed unless advised by a consultant or specialist nurse at your referring centre.

Since the start of Feb I suffered a bad relapse that set off my central vertigo, it hasn’t go away so I can’t go out, do any kind of exercise, if I try to get up I fall

so I do question how am I meant to get around even outside as eye movement makes me spin and can make me vomit I also have suffered from OCD since I was 8 so it’s a mental nightmare out there (contamination) has been my biggest fear

does anyone also think I could just use the letter from the drug company for food online?

thank you everyone

Hi FinalFantasy,

If you’re looking for advice on your medication, you should get in touch with your MS nurse. Do you have their contact information?

When you speak about government letter for vulnerable people, what are you referring to?

Do you have other people in the household? Are you in need of any help?