I lost my appeal with NHS panel for treatment

I have just had a severe relapse and attended meeting number 2 which my hubby had to relay my word’s they agree i have relapse remiting but under the nice guide lines i am allowed treatment but at local authorities discrection on diagnosis. So the crunch is my lesion’s are on my optic nerves and the lesions on my brain could be down to my epilpesy so for that reason i have treament refused for now and the cost was another factor they can’t afford the more modern drug’s. I have been placed on a waiting list for appointment with ms consultant. Every time i relapse im losing more abilite to be indepandant and i am so scared i have a youngster with aspergers and he need’s mummy i am so mad i was crying in the meet and banging my fist’s in anger. It could be two year’s before i qualify im really pissed im i allowed to say what im really thinking i think not.

Oh I am so sorry to hear your news, I am in a similar position.

Good Luck


I’m so sorry you’re going through this,I think it’s disgusting. All I can think of is to contact your MP. Also ring the Society helpline to see what they suggest.There is also the Disability Law Service,if you google them you’ll find their number,maybe they can help,there maybe some law you could use?

I’m not surprised you’re upset,see what your MP can do and take it from there,I hope something can be done.((((((((((((baffled))))))))),sending hugs,rant away about if you what to,good luck and take care,xxjo