Hello an oldie has returned

Hello all I’ve been away from the site for what seems like years. I am under the care of dr Martin at Gloucester hospital and was on Tysabri for a number of years which kept me stable I knew that there was a risk but decided that as it kept me stable then I was happy to attend Gloucester and have my infusion. As time progressed my husband of 7 years dropped the bombshell that at that magic age of 40 he wanted to be single and start again and waited for me to go to work and he packed his car took the dog and simply walked out of my life leaving me with nothing he cleared out the bank account as well thus leaving me in the marital home with my 2 boys which was a particularly difficult time for anyone . And so 7 years later he’s engaged and living with his new fiance but I’m not bothered about that.anyway during this time I was getting very forgetful and assumed it was because of the marital problems my symptoms got worse and worse I even forgot to go to work and my team leader phoned me up to check if I was ok ( no one knew at work at this time about my marriage)

i got to work as quickly as possible I parked the car got out fell onto the floor had a seizure got blue lighted to A&E they had no idea what was wrong it was then discovered I had developed PML which was very worrying after a long time in icu in Bridtol hospital and a lot of medicine I was released and finally went home . During this time my X knew exactly how ill I was and had no texts or emails from him considering P M L can be fatal still the solicitors were thrashing it out I had to take early retirement from my very demanding role as a 999 call handler I was happy to leave on grounds of ill health have a fantastic local government pension

sold the marital home got X off the mortgage. Sold house in 1 day paid off my mortgage and with what was left over bought brand new 3 bed house

so when I thought my life had gone down the toilet it had not and I still feel very smug

im stable on my new meds sleep very well now I have no worries

so if u think your having a bad time believe it can only get better and it does

thanks for taking the time to read


hi twinkletoes

what a nob your ex is.

well done you on getting it done re the house sale.

you must be strong to have come through PML.

now you can concentrate on making this year the best ever.

if anyone is allowed to feel smug, it is YOU!!

carole x

Wow Twinkletoes. Welcome back.

Carole is absolutely right. Nob! With nobs on.

PML? Omg. I do hope there’s been no lasting damage.

And now you’re on the up and up. Thankfully you had a decent pension that paid out and which has (I assume) left you reasonably comfortable.

Did I say your ex is a nob?

Well done you, for not only surviving but flourishing.

I hope your new DMD is keeping the relapse beast at bay.


Hello TT. Welcome back. Wow, that’s some tale for sure. Delighted to read how well you’ve done. X

Welcome back TT and what a cracking 2 fingered salute you have sent to the nob … well done you ! x

well done Twinkletoes on remaining so strong when you have had all that going on.I really feel for you as i know how hard it is i was widowed and had MS when my daughter was 2 and had to keep strong for her,which i did, we have no choice but to be strong.I know being widowed isnt the same as your husband walking out,but its the same thing in that we have to be strong for our kids.Hes done you a favour in the end,although you wont have thought so at the time i bet you feel smug now i know i would.

Blimey, what a time you’ve been having.

Thank you for sharing your inspirational story of how to battle through and come out even stronger than before.