Remember me?


I’ve not been on for a long time–just thought I’d update for the people who know me on here.

Sheila, my wife, Who I cared for through 40 years of PPMS, passed away with a stroke 25/03/2012 , which happened to be my 70th birthday.

I’d just like to thank the MSS for never doing anything for us, and wish all my old friends on here all the best.


Hi Ken, I think I remember you from the old board.

So very sorry to hear your wife Sheila passed away. My condolences.

Extremely hard for you Ken and I hope you are doing ok.

Take care and best wishes,

Pat x

My condolences Ken; Sheila was to my knowledge the one person who had PPMS longer than me.

Too late now but I’m sure if the society was asked in the right place e. g. Respite Care help would be available. Mind you with the selling off of their homes I have my reservations about this now.

Anyway Ken very sorry to hear about Sheila; please don’t become a stranger. Although on some things we did not see eye to eye you do pocess a lot of knowledge regards MS that perhaps could be passed to the younger generation.

Keep well mate


Ken - siincere condolences about Shiela. If nothing else I hope you found the forums useful as an outlet.


I did Liz, I found some good friends on here when the going was tough.

I’m finding it tougher now than it ever was when I was caring, I hate being alone, and I’ve lost all purpose in life.

All those years of isolation has left me with no idea of how to get a social life back, or meeting people again.


There are groups specifically for people who were carers. They are usually called something like ‘what now?’ or ‘life after caring’. I think you will probably find links through the Carers organisation or even from your local library.


Hi Ken, i remember you, so sorry to hear about your wife,you must be devestated,i can imagine you do feel worse than when you were caring for her,it gave you a reason to keep going, you had to be strong for her, and now,thats gone,would it help you to do some voluntary work, say at a hospital or hospice, just to get you out and mixing again,it doesnt have to be much,but it might help you build your confidence back up,good luck, i was widowed when i was 37, but i had a family to look after,and had to keep strong for them, so that helped me, i always said it must be even harder to loose your partner when you are older.

jaki xx

I’ve tried volunteering for many things but it appears I’m too old for even that.

Another major problem limiting what social life I can have is finance- my income has dropped £1000 per month and my out goings have increased simply because I was stupid and took out private pensions when I was working. Then too, of course, all the benefits we had were shiela’s.

Ken, I’m so sorry to hear about Sheila, my condolences to you and your family. I think you were both on the old boards almost as long as me and I remember you telling it how it was, being a carer for Sheila. And telling the MSS a thing or two about the worst aspects of MS!

My best wishes Ken, I hope the family are well

Val x