just moved.

Hello to you all,just moved back to Thornbury near Bristol.My partner and me recently parted after 12 yrs together and i am trying to come to terms with how to carry on.I supported her through her many years of depression but when she started to get better she said she wanted to be more independant.Unfortunately this meant we drifted apart and i dont think she was up for supporting me in any way.I feel totally smashed and dissilusioned,and im struggling to cope with everyday life.I know i must get a grip and sort myself out but its so hard.Sorry for the sob story but i just had to get it out.Any body in or near Thornbury Bristol would like to get together for a chat over coffee ? take care .Steve

Sorry you are having a bad time Steve - it’s understandable you are feeling a bit grim give what you have recently gone through. Never be sorry for sharing how you are feeling on here - that’s what we are all here for, to support each other. Unfortunately I am about 300 miles north of you so coffee is out of the question! However, just wanted to say hang on in there, it’s early days in both your split and your move and I know it’s easy to say but I am sure it will get better with time. If you feel you are slipping down emotionally go and see your GP, you know us MSers are susceptible to depression so don’t struggle on alone if you feel like this.

Sending postive thoughts your way. Max x

Steve Sorry to hear your news its so sad that your struggling to cope with everday life do you have any support from family/friends?? You’ve come to the right place for support I’m going through an emotional rollercoaster with events that are happening/happened in my life and I too am struggling, just too long a post to write. Thankfully I have a lot of support through friends on here aswell as my own family/friends. Keep your chin up love I know easier said than done at such difficult times. Sending you ((((hugs)))) Sue

Aww that is so sad :frowning: I know as I been with my partner for 11 years now and would dread loosing him now :frowning:

Bambi 19 is right to keep your chin up, I know that is hard with MS aswell :frowning: Maybe it is time to find old friends aswell as new and find an interest.

Keeping busy always helps me when I am sad Take care of yourself and I hope you feel better soon x

Hi, well your ex certainly showed her true colours…you were there for her in times of woe, yet she wasnt prepared to return the favour.

I know the hurt is massive now, but honestly, she`s done you a huge favour…given you the chance to meet someone much more worthy of your love. You probably cant see that right now, but you will in time.

Although we live a couple of hundred miles from you, I do know Thornbury town centre. it`s a lovely place. We used to go caravanning in Slimbridge and I often shopped in Thornbury.what a lovely castle they have there!

Have a google to see if there is an MS group near you…I`m sure there will be.

Look after yourself and never beat yourself up for having MS.

luv Pollx

Hi Steve,

Keep in mind that the pain will not last forever. I know it’s hard to remember that when going through it… but it really does go away & you’ll look back and wonder why you were so upset.

You’ll soon make new friends and then, when you aren’t expecting it, you’ll meet someone else who will be there for you.

Take it one day at a time and don’t look back.

Pat x

Hi Steve,

I live miles away from Bristol, so all I can do is send you hugs.

This is your time now, and it will get better.

Take care of yourself