Heatwave... & my shower broke!

So blo*dy typical!!! Broke on Friday night... and am waiting in for engineer now. Because I'm disabled it's treated as emergency. Yay!!!

Times like this I thank the gods that I live in social housing...

Hope you're all doing ok. Keep cool...

Pat x cool

Hope it gets fixed soon Pat.  There is an advantage in being disabled then!

Take care


Yes advantage eh? Still waiting though...

But really what else would I be doing? Too hot to go out and I slept badly... would rather be here at home than anywhere else on earth, it's just that waiting for someone is always irritating!

Take care yourself,

Pat x

I agree Pat, way too hot to go outside, and yes, I understand the frustration

caused by waiting.....I am sat here waiting for my children and grandchildren

to come back from their short break in Woolacombe.

Think I will just have another look out of the case!

Take care


Hahaha I spent most the day looking out the window!

They did come and got it going, but there's a problem with the temp control which is causing the problem... and as the unit is still under guarantee the company that made it have to come and take a look...

sleeping are you still awake? 

Anyway, they've set it so I can use it and I had a lovely long shower (unfortunately followed by major fatigue meltdown... but hey at least I'm clean!)

Pat x