Finding it too hot to sleep. My arms and legs feel so painful. :frowning:

hi tonka

this heat is wearing me down so much.

the humidity is the worse part.

yet i still feel obliged to get outside when it is sunny, even though i know i’ll pay for it.

last night when i couldnt sleep, i amused myself by noting all the unusual places i was sweating - my eyelids!!!

ah well, with our climate it could be snowing next week!

my arms and legs have been painful for a few weeks too but i hadnt linked it to the weather.

oh and my husband seems to be having the menopause and he cant sleep either for the hot flushes.

he sent for some chillows and we both thought they would work.

they did work but mine leaked during the night and i woke up to 3 pints of water in my bed!

carole x