Heat wrecked me

I have just returned from Ecuador and the Galapogas islands “in ecuador for my sons wedding” i wanted to see the Galapogas islands after seeing David Attenborough programme. The heat knocked xxxx out of me and stiill feeling wrecked with fatigue. But apart from having to have a drip for dehydration and a stomach like a food liquidiser i am glad i went,the galapagos was an amazing place. “just thought i’d tell you” Mark.

Hi Mark… well sounds like an adventure!!!

My goodness… a drip!

Well I think you are a hero for going… and glad you made it home in one piece.

Thanks for letting us know and hope you feel better soon,

Pat x

Blimey Mark, glad you made it there and back in one piece, it does sound like quite an adventure!

Hope you recover quickly and get some quality rest now you’re home

Sonia x

Hi Mark

I take my hat off to you, what an experience, glad you got home in one piece, time to rest now me thinks.

Pam x

Hi Mark. What an experience that must have been (holiday, not drip). Sorry to hear it knocked the stuffing out of you but glad you got back safely. Hope you get chance to rest and recuperate now. At least you’ve done it.

Take care of yourself. Cath xx

Hello Mark. It takes something like MS for us to really understand the term “I need a holiday to get over the holiday”. I’ve been to many stunning places but never The Galapagos Islands so I’m jealous. Do it while you can is what I say as long as you are realistic about the consequences. Heat is no longer my friend so holidays are now taken in the UK. Believe it or not many places at home have been amazing. The British coastline is awesome in many places. Best wishes, Steve.

Glad you enjoyed it Mark.

Interesting that heat effects some of you. It’s the opposite with me; I’ve become extremely ‘cold’ intolerant, to the extent that I now find myself needing to wear gloves, hat and scarf much more often. The idea of being outside long when it is say, below 6 degrees, fills me dread. Last time was when I took my son to play rugby in Feb and was outside c 10am-12.30pm on a freezing Sunday morning. It took me half an hour to warm up enough so that I was safe to drive.

The heat, however, positively fills me with joy and energy; can’t get enough of it. Funny old thing, this ms.