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hi, does anyone know as we have ms, does exposure to mould n mildew for along time pose any health risk?

does having rain water pouring down your walls being left with damp walls pose a health risk?

so far i have mould n mildew round my window frames that i cannot get rid of, i got it coz of the condensation build up wen it gets freezing cold, so i have to put towels round the window sills to mop up the puddles of water that turn up, i cant use the extractor fan as it wasnt fitted properly and every time it rains it pours water out of it so its dangerous, i also end up with rain water pouring down my kitchen wall and 2 parts of the wall in the living room, its getting into the wiring now, ive got photo proof aswell as its been goin on for the last 12 years, the council keep telling me its not happening or they send a plummer, he cant do anythin as theres no pipes involved, its the rain water, im gettin desperate now, can i tell the council they have to move me if they still deny theres a problem even tho i have all the proof they need? if they dont move me, then wat can i do? im not very well at the moment at all, i feel like rubbish, just had to mop up the last lot of soaked towels off the floors n counters, i cant call the council till monday to get it reported for the 8th time as they are shut and they dont class it as a emergency, i dont have a social worker either, i have a ms nurse, but thats not really gona help, i need help as to me im in a very unlivable situation

someone from the council came round months ago n saw the state of the place n said it can be fixed…nothin, ive tried mould and mildew remover, dettol, flash, domestos, bleach, cillit bang and nothin will get rid of it, i cant use bleach too often as it irritates my throat and nose, im just tryin to find out if any of this will affect my health before i go storming there office on the 30th, ive never done this before but as its bin goin on for so long im actually considering using the ive got ms card on them to get it fixed, ive got nearly 20 photos of all the problems and damage its caused so far which im gettin copied off the comp n phone to send them aswell so they cant deny it any longer, if they refuse im givin them 2 weeks to either fix everything or pay to move me to a more suitable flat, if they refuse im going to the papers and a solicitor

Yes, mould and mildew is certainly not good for your health. Especially, for babies/young children/elderly and ‘infirmed’.

My daughter rents a house to a family - and was shocked to find it covered in mould and mildew - everywhere - clothes in wardrobes were damp as well. She has had the gutters/downpipes checked for breakage/blockages- they are OK. lt turns out that her friend who rents it - has the windows shut tight all the time - and with a young baby - dries all the washing indoors. When my daughter lived in this house she never had the mould/mildew problem.

Once aired out and cleaned up - which was a gigantic task - and dehumidifiers used it is now looking better. Although, the house has double glazing - it is the old type. And does not have the vents fitted like more modern windows - which is a building regulation. So now a couple of top windows are left slightly ajar just enough to keep air circulating. And look for air-vents in the walls - see if they have been covered or blocked indoors and outdoors. A blocked in chimney is also another cause. lt needs venting. Nobody wants to waste ‘heating’ but when you are living in damp you will feel colder. Tumbledryers make a lot of condensation if you don’t have the tube vented to outside - a ‘condensing’ type tumble dryer is better as the steam is turned into water inside a container that you empty regularly. This is something my daughter changed in her house.

We always have a couple of little windows open a bit throughout the winter - [cat climbs in and out this way]. And as the sun when it is out shines straight into the kitchen - l have the double doors open most mornings for a good air. Right now - bright sun and my doors have been open since 8am - nearly 5hrs. l shall be shutting them soon as my feet are getting cold - stood here in my christmas socks.

You can hire dehumidifiers - the large type builders use for drying out new houses - or people whose houses have flooded.

l can imagine how distressing it is for you having to mop up all the time.

Ask the council if they can send someone who can help and advise you - not just turn round and say its not their fault. Have they looked to see if the dampcourse is doing is compromised - soil or gravel etc up higher then the damp course line.

Hope you get to the bottom of it. And life gets easier for you.


We have a council bungalow and when we moved in there was one wall in the bedroom that was covered in mould. The chap came straight out and said that he would cover the wall in thick bleach then pain an anti mould pain treatment over the whole wall which he said you could get at B & Q. He did this and that was 3 years ago and the mould hasn’t reappeared.

It was really horrible though. There was like a black hairy mould on the wall but the bleach definitely got it off. He also said that he would remove what he could just using a dry paper towel before he started on the real treatment.

Hope you get it sorted soon. He did say to stay out of the room until he treated it so it can’t be good for us.

Hope this helps.

Shazzie xx

i live in a flat…7 floors up, the rain is coming thru the brick work from the outside, it comes thru the walls, thru the plaster, from the ceiling edge and straight down the walls where its pouring and running down the walls like a stream, but as the council keep sayin its not happening coz the damp proofing was only done 3-5 yrs ago…that was 6 n half yrs ago, ever since ive bin given excuse after excuse, plummers, brickys that cant do anything and bein told its not happening, i have double glazed windows, i leave a window open a lil wen its not too cold too, ive posted the photos on my fb page, ive also posted a few photyos on the councils own fb page aswell, now lets see them deny it

Hi, this is totally unacceptible! If after Monday`s visit to the housing dept nothing satisfactory is done, go to the environment dept…they will be concerned, as even if healthy people live in a damp flat, mold and mildew is hazardous to life!

get `em told!

luv Pollx

Yes you need to see the environmental agency about this, it is totally unaceptable. Mold and mildrew can cause all kinds of problems to your health, especially if you have a weakend immune system.

One of the problems is Aspergillus.


Aspergillosis is the group of diseases caused by Aspergillus. The most common subtype among paranasal sinus infections associated with aspergillosis is A. fumigatus.The symptoms include fever, cough, chest pain, or breathlessness, which also occur in many other illnesses, so diagnosis can be difficult. Usually, only patients with already weakened immune systems or who suffer other lung conditions are susceptible.

In humans, the major forms of disease are:[citation needed]

  • Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis, which affects patients with respiratory diseases such as asthma, cystic fibrosis, and sinusitis
  • Acute invasive aspergillosis, a form that grows into surrounding tissue, more common in those with weakened immune systems such as AIDS or chemotherapy patients
  • Disseminated invasive aspergillosis, an infection spread widely through the body
  • Aspergilloma, a “fungus ball” that can form within cavities such as the lung

BLOODY HELL, they are gettin there butts kicked monday

Will the housing office be open on Monday? Lets hope they are - take as much info including photos with you - also speak to your GP - better still - call him out say its urgent. Get your local councillor - who relies on your vote - to come and see. And of course the local papers. But they must all see the problems for their selves.

You would think that it was in the councils best interest to keep properties well maintained.

Ownedbymurphy - Your flat is 7 floors up - and the water is coming through the walls - so must be from ‘above’ - so that damage is most likely faulty guttering/downpipes. The damp course is for water rising- So all the other flats must be in the same, if not worse, state. lts appalling.

My family have a boarding kennels and cattery [brother runs it now] lts a 50yr old business. And is inspected annually. lt is brick built - well insulated/air-conditioned/steam cleaned etc. And has to be licensed. So by that comparison - is your flat suitable for animals to live in - l bet the answer is NO - yet you and your family pay rent - for the privilidge.

Can we all get down to this council on Monday - give them a fright! We shall be with you in spirit.

Best of luck

i have no idea polar bear, but its bin goin on for 12 years every time it rains, i cant decorate in the lounge so my lounge looks like a hell hole, i want OUT

You need OUT asap!


About two or so years back there was a big outcry in my part of the world about the state of some Army Married Quarters that had mould problems - and they were certainly no worse than yours - and that made the regional TV. Of course, the MOD are like the Councils - they just hate spending money on maintenance.

Don’t let them get away with it. The Environment Agency, local media, local MP, your Councillor(s). Start with the Council (like give them one more chance), but get onto the EA next and see if they will declare your flat unfit for human habitation - then the Council have to do something about it.

And, tell us what happens.


if i cud put photos on here, i cud show u the crap that happens

wolverhampton hun

well me n my phones goin campin on monday till i see a estate manager, they will b given 2 options, fix it, or pay my expenses to move the hell out, preferably the second option

Do you have a phone which can take videos? If you do, take a video of the water coming down the wall when it rains next. Which may not be that long away.

Do contact your MS nurse this is affecting your health. Maybe your mental health more than yoru physical health but I don’t think that makes much difference. Your MS nurse should be able to get you into contact with all sorts of health and social services (or whatever they are called these days) quickly.

Good Luck with getting rid of this problem. A nice flat on a much lower floor would be a good solution…

ty ellen, i need a ground floor flat coz i cant cope with stairs anymore, lucky this block has a lift tho, but preferably i need a ground floor flat

A block of retirement flats near where I live had their lift out for nearly six weeks not so long ago. It was a nightmare for a lot of the residents, and the management company didn’t seem to do much while they waited for the lift company to fix the problem.

They could have at least arranged for someone to do the shopping for the elderly residents who were stuck in their flats! Maybe even find a way to get them out for the day. One resident missed a family wedding!

I really hope you’re rehomed somewhere lovely very quickly!

You have got to be in Bristol, Ellen.

But, it did rather point up the problems of not living on the ground floor.


Hi there OwnedbyMurphy,

I think the advice above is probably the right advice - get onto them and don’t mince your words, and if they don’t listen, go to people that will i.e. the papers, environment agency, your local councillors and MP etc… However, I thought I’d just say that a friend of mine had a problem with mould and water/damp in her flat recently. For the mould she used White Vinegar, and for the damp she bought a Dehumidifier. The mould has gone and the damp is much improved. You could always invest in such things and say to the counsel that you’ll be expecting a full refund for everything you’ve had to purchase to make your home so much as tenable let alone livable, especially for someone with a compremised immune system, whilst they got their heads stuck firmly in the sand. I’m so sorry that you’re in this situation - it makes me so angry, they should be ashamed of themselves. Well good luck tomorrow - get them hell!!!

Forest x