Having a child/children?

Hi, Have any of you had a child or children after receiving a ms diagnosis? Or being undiagnosed after 1 attack? Was it an easy decision to make & how have you coped?

I had mine before I knew about my MS so can’t answer you from a personal perspective, but I can tell you that there is no reason not to have children if you have MS. Many many women with MS have children after their diagnosis - and are just as likely to be brilliant mums as anyone else. Karen x

I started having symptoms in 2007-8 but it took until this year to get a diagnosis, and in the meantime I had 2 children.

We wanted to have 3, and post-diagnosis it was a difficult decision whether to go ahead or not. I was afraid of sudden onset of serious symptoms (though I haven’t had any to date) and also inheritability.

I asked two neurologists whether to go ahead and both said that I should, that there was no reason not to.

MS symptoms can ease during pregnancy but you can have a relapse after the birth so just be aware of that. In hindsight, after my second child was born I got strange sensations in my leg, sometimes pains, but they weren’t serious…I thought I was deficient in something because of breastfeeding but in hindsight it may have been MS related. Just be vigilant after the birth.

In terms of inheritability, I asked about this in some detail. There is no MS gene but it seems there can be a higher incidence of MS in people who have a family member who suffers from it - this according to one neurologist can be higher in siblings rather than children. He did not feel a child of mine would be at higher risk.

I do make sure my children take Vitamin D every day, I asked my GP and she said double the RDA is fine to give them and would have no adverse impact.

Of course in pregnancy (I am now 6.5 wks pregnant) I take pre-natal vitamins which include Vitamin D, and I take omega 3 and 6, as I did prior to diagnosis for my previous pregnancies.

Hope the above is of help, and the best of luck to you!

Hello, My son is 7 and about 9 months after he was born all my Neuro symptoms started. I am still being investigated so I don’t know what the cause is but I would love another child. I am 40 now and me and my husband have been trying for 3.5 years and unfortunately it just hasn’t happened. Becoming a parent is so wonderful, try not to let MS take that away from you. Best wishes with whatever you decide. Vincent - lovely news, congratulations :slight_smile: Sam xx

Sorry, meant to spell Vincere!!