Pregnancy and ms

Hi all i really want to hear from people who have gone on to have a baby after being diagnosed. I am 32 and have 3 children already but would love to have another member of the family :slight_smile: , however i have no idea how this will effect my ms i have been told your good through the pregnancy but then have the worst relapse ever is that true ?

My family members mean well but since i have been diagnosed have told me what a shame i wont be able to have any more children etc that my body just wont be able to handle another pregnancy, that it wont be fair on a baby because of the ms and so on, ( however i was very ill after my last child and had to have a section of my cervix cut away due to the very early stages of cervical cancer ) but have been told this wont affect me having more children i just may need a stitch to strengthen the cervix,

So with people going on that i wont be able to have any more children and the problems i have had i have accepted thats it no more children for me. But i feel like i will always regret it if i dont its what i want more than anything at the minute. anybodys experience of pregnancy and ms is greatly wanted please :slight_smile: x


In general, women with MS find that their symptoms and risk of relapse reduces during pregnancy. The risk of relapse goes up in the first three months after having the baby, but then returns to pre-pregnancy rates again. So the “danger zone” is that three months. A relapse is absolutely not a certainty though - and I don’t think there is any reason for the relapse to be any more severe than previous ones either (that I have heard of anyway).

If I were you, my biggest concern would be coping with four children and whether or not my fatigue and other symptoms would allow me to function under that amount of stress and work. But then, I’m not you! Only you can make that call.

I had my two kids before my diagnosis, so I can’t tell you anything from personal experience, but if you want to know more stats, I recommend the multiple sclerosis research blogspot - there’s a lot on there; just put “pregnancy” into the search box.

Karen x

When I was pregnant on my daughter all my symptoms dissapeared.No headaches no numbness no slurred speach no pain or aches.

I have had MS related symptoms since I was 18 and was finally diagnosed age 28. My relapses came and went and I felt well. I always wanted a baby and finally got pregnant and had my georgous little boy just after I turned 33. (I am now 36 and he is a lively 3 year old!) My pregnancy was great. No problems whatsoever. I continued to work full time as a nurse throughout the pregnancy and finished work 3 weeks before he was due. You are classed as a high risk pregnancy because of your diagnosis (but you may already be in that category due to your previous cervix problems). This means they check on you a lot more during your pregancy, you are seen by different consultants. I did have quite a big relapse (for me) 3 weeks after delivery. I have been left with problems with my left leg ever since but not enough to stop me doing most things. In hindsight I should have taken the steroids at the first sign of the relapse but I didn’t because I was breast feeding and wanted to carry on so that my baby had the best nutrients. I stuck it out for 3 weeks and then took them. As expected the steroids worked and I was fine again. Only you know whether you could cope so go with your own gut instincts. This was my first time at pregnancy so probably found it more stressful! For me, I decided that I would not take the risk again as I would rather be well for one child than be incapable of caring for two. Thats our decision as a family but my friend who has MS had her second child at 41 and there was no relapse to be seen!

Hope this helps, hope it hasn’t made your decision harder to make!!

All the best



I was diagnosed whilst pregnant and Violet is now almost 4 weeks old. So far I am shatterd but ok however I think thats just having a new baby.I am breast feeding its going really well and have had one check up with my neurologist who was pretty happy that everything seemed OK.

Its really early days but so far so good

Ellie x

I’ve had all my children post diagnosis. I relapsed after each one, the first I put it down to being tired and breast feeding so got no help. The second I got into the system again and got steroids and then ended up on DMD’s which I later stopped as they disagreed with me. The third was my sticking point I’ve relapsed almost continually since I had my third, I’ve started Tysabri since but I am still getting episodes of extreme fatigue. Each time I startd relapsing when they were about 5 months old. I have to say I knew that this pregnancy was a risk (and I’ve had CIN I since prior to the pregnancy). I wouldn’t be without her, but I dont’ enjoy her like I do the others. May be its because I’m older as well!