CIS diagnosis and now pregnant...


I've not posted for a couple of years since my diagnosis of CIS. I have had no further episodes/symptoms in this time and have been very well. I just have a wee question...

I am now 8 weeks pregnant (3rd pregnancy but first since diagnosis) and I was wondering if anyone who had been diagnosed with CIS has had further episodes and received an MS diagnosis in the 6 months after the birth? I know that no one can predict when relapses are going to happen (or even happen at all), but I'm just curious. I spoke to my GP about it, but I just wondered what other peoples experiences were.

Thanks for taking the time to read.


I really have no idea im afraid but did want to say congrats with the pregnancy and I really hope you stay well




I think that it is generally accepted that being pregnant reduces the chances of relapsing, but there are mixed opinions about the risk of a relapse post labour.


For example, here's a fairly recent study that found there is an increased risk of relapses in the first few months after having the baby, but that it settles back to normal levels after that. That would suggest that when your baby is three months, the risk is pretty much back to CIS levels.


On the other hand: "The only significant predictor of having a relapse after childbirth was an increased number of relapses in the year before pregnancy and during the pregnancy itself." (This page also says that breastfeeding doesn't influence relapse rate either.)


Either way, it looks like the risk is not massive for someone who hasn't been relapsing recently???


I hope that holds true for you and that everything goes really well for you, and the baby :-)

Karen x


Just wanted to say congratulations. Lovely news on a site when often it isn’t!

I hope you stay well. Good Luck with the baby!

Teresa xx