Happy Thread

I have been such a misery lately that I decided that I am going to post about something nice or funny at least once a day. It will probably be silly small things but they can mean a lot. Feel free to add to it. First today being told by my sons teacher that he will miss him when he goes to secondary school next year and that he is a credit to me. Made me shed a tear because, like a lot of us, I’m worried how all this is affecting my kids. Xx

Always uplifting when your child is praised isnt it,and shows all a kid needs is love, support and guidance to follow the right path…you dont have to be super mom, just there for them.

A massive fingers crossed in our house as my boy left college last Fri and has already got a job interview today. I so hope he gets it.

I like your idea of daily life aint all bad posts.


Nikki Just wait till sports day. My daughter goes to secondary school this time, lease my son “alone” at primary. But if he can play footie he will be ok. We have just got Olympic tickets for team GB at old trafford, sommat for all the kids as they been great. Ps you get the link or look at the site. Mike x

That’s a lovely thing to hear Nikki

My daughter got her Uni exam results today (first year): she did really well despite being very ill during revision and exam time. Well done Rebecca!

Karen x

Good luck to your son pip hope he gets it. X Mike both my sons will be at secondary in September and leave my daughter alone at primary. She is really pleased lol. Great about the tickets hope they enjoy it. I did check out the site ( never did see your link!) but I’m not eligible for it. Thanks anyway. Xx

Karen that’s brilliant we’ll done Rebecca Xx

Happy time again

Pip how did your son get on?

Very happy today, neither of my dogs rolled in fox pooand believe me thats good news for the whole house!

Well my good news is:

after 28years of wallowing in his utter pit of a bedroom my son has just had an offer accepted on a house!!!

Not sure how I feel to be honest!! Feels like I’m about to have a limb amputated!!

In my opinion, that’s definitely deserving of a WOO HOO!!!

@Nikki: fox poo - ARGH! The worst


Good news on the son front he has been called for a second interview.

Good news that my windowsill has had flowers from my garden on it now for two weeks.

Even better news that I still havent had a call from Cyprus telling me my daughter is sampling their healthcare. So far every school/college trip she has broken a bone since she was 11. she is now 17!!!

See we might have our struggles but look at all the good things that are going on.


See you at Old Trafford Mike, ours roved today, Olympics gere we come! Karen, congrats to Rebecca. My daughter made her first communion on Saturday and she told me this morning she still feels like a princess, good enough for me! And to top it all off went to the Walton centre this am and they are thrilled with me!! ( not sure why maybe because I didn’t cry until they said that rather than as soon as I got through the door! The sun is shining and no fox poo here either Nicki! Thanks for making me look on the bright side!

Spell check still making me smile, work out the words if you can!

Hi Chis get onto first ravel and book parking space or ou not get one-bue badge. My son makes his next year. Is she seven. My son just tuned 7. Just seeing then there in their dresses and suits makes it all worthwhile. Mike

I’m just loving all this good news

Jen the way he is at the moment my teenager will be lucky if he still lives here next week never mind another 14 years!

Pip great news about your sons interview he must have impressed them. Hope you still havent heard from your daughter lol. We had a boy at our school who went ski-ing with school every year for 5 years and broke the same leg on the first day there everytime!

Chris how cute is your daughter. I call mine princess all the time but thats because she is a total diva!

Hi I also have daughter moving up to secondary school too this summer. Snap. Yes, always a worry how all this affects them. Bought the new school uniform last week ( small heart attack re cost!!!) and think that the excitement will carry her through. Mine is a total diva too! :0) No fox poo here either :0) My nice thing for today - had some lovely ‘missing you, hope you’re OK’ emails and calls from people at work earlier :0) Cx

Well done Rebecca!

My daughter, Sarah, too - first year at uni, has done very well indeed despite being diagnosed with an underactive thyroid in January (after doc kept telling her it was just Freshers fatigue but I made her nag for a thyroid blood test) AND she has recently been assessed as Dyslexic (there’s another surprise, I’ve been telling the schools I thought so since she was 6!!)

Moral of the story…trust your instinct - very relevant on here. I ‘know’ I have an organic illness not a functional one. You know your own kids and your own bodies.

So good to have a cheery post

Hi Nikki

I had to laugh today. I visited some friends (just two roads away) & walked slowly there & sat with them for about an hour.

As I was walking back - slowly and concentrating on what I was doing - I realised someone was behind me so stepped to the side to let them pass. It was an elderly man & he said “you’re obviously not in a hurry are you” .

I had to laugh to think that I’m now walking so slowly that it even surprises the elderly .

Oh well, it gave me more time to enjoy the sun, lol!

Bren x

LOL at Bren.

The last time I went to my GPs I parked next to an old dear who used a zimmer frame to walk from the car park to the door. She was way faster than me and went to hold the door open for me as she knew I’d been right with her when she set off. She looked around and when she saw how far back I was, she said " C’mon love, stop dilly dallying, I’m letting all the heat out". Funny how people make presumptions based on how you look!


I get a lot of the gosh your not in a rush comments! I just say no it doesn’t really bother me I’ve always been late for everything anyway lol My happy news is my 14 year old son casually dropped into conversation this morning that he had got some exam results yesterday. He got the highest mark in the year for science and a gcse grade b for maths! He has ADHD and struggles at school so I am really proud of him. Right off to bath the dog now, he found the fox poo again :frowning:

What is it with dogs and fox poo?

At least you can tell the physio you get lots of exercise washing the hound!!!

I’m hopefully in pending good news,as the boy has gone for his all day interview! We have pouring rain and floods but hopefully it wont matter if he comes home with good news.

Its great to see so many of our off spring doing well in their exams.