The happy thread

I joined this forum a couple of weeks ago and it is great for sharing advice, experience with people who truly understand and this should never stop and I will become a regular poster.

MS has its truly awful moments we all know that but it’s not all about drugs, symptoms, DLA, work stress etc, etc there are good times and smiles as well - sorry to post this as I am new but we should help to make each other smile.

Set up this thread and hopefully it will keep running where we can share some humour and feel good story’s, don’t know about you but I could certainly do with some of these.

my laugh of the day - mate followed me into Leeds, I parked and he parked right behind me. Got back to cars and he had a ticket and I didn’t - he forgot about my blue badge. Shouldn’t laugh but couldn’t help it.

free parking - not all bad.

Keep smiling



My laugh was yesterday, I took my Granddaughter to the seaside to build a few harmless sand castles…while trying to stand up after sitting on a slight incline (not easy at the best of times and almost impossible on sand) she came rushing up to me knocking me over the outcome being me on the deck with the impetuous and incline rolling me over…there was a time I was elegant and graceful

Jan x

As you say, you have to take the smooth with the rough with MS.

I can manage airports under my own steam as long as I have plenty of time and a hiking pole. At the end of a very long queue for Security in Cusco, my hiking pole and I were spotted by a member of staff. Suddenly Mr Alison100 and I were whisked to the front of the queue like royalty, to the accompaniment of ironical cheers from the rest of our party, whom we beat to the bar by about half an hour. You don’t get that in the UK!


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Sky sports Fantasy Football up and running !! Can that be my happy bit ??? Off to Junior school to watch my eldest monkey do VE Day…

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I had a good day yesterday. First, I found out that an old couple I know had their pension credit overpayment decision over turned following a letter I wrote for them. (Whayhay). That made me feel great, knowing that a large unfair overpayment had been averted. Then I went out for a nice lunch in Brighton with my husband and 2 other friends. And came home to collapse on the bed for a couple of hours before moving to eat a piece of toast, drink a lovely chococino with caramel from my wonderful dolce gusto coffee machine and go to bed. It’s about as good as it gets these days!!

Today, of course, I’m fatigued, doing a lot of nothing, resting. But that’s the way it has to be!



This might be funny to some people.

I mopped the floors yesterday, took all my energy so flopped down on chair exhausted. My 18 year old cat decided to be sick all over the floor. Not just on the one spot, oh no!! He had to go all over the place. Puke everywhere! By now my legs were starting to work again so opened the door so he could go out for a while. I cleaned up again and then my cat came in and went straight to his litter, missed the litter and peed all over the door instead. I could swear he was laughing at me.

I can honestly say I did not swear, I was too tired for that.

Mags xx


Oh that has really made me laugh. Sorry it happened to you but it’s the funniest thing I’ve read in a good while. Just typical of what my little darling would do too!!


a situation that has brought with it untold joy for me this week:

my left hand is feeling ‘normal’ for the first time in the over 12 months since my last major relapse.

it reinvigorates my desire to be grateful for what i have, as opposed to what i no longer have, whilst assures me that my current path of life (diet, meds, vitamin supps, lifestyle) are conducive to a solid recovery.

now my attention turns to my right hand to see if it is able to ‘play catch up’.

we should all try to bear in mind, irrespective of the severity of our own very personal set of symptoms, that the unpredictability of MS means that things can also get better.

live life to its fullest and to the absolute best possible; test your limits and exceed expectations.

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Don’t know about others but this is putting a smile on my face.

sue - might not be funny to everyone made me chuckle

Paulo - nice one. Inspirational for us all.

Nothing good to share today YET. A certain female I have mentioned previously texted and we are off out. Two showers in same day not usually a good thing!!

Keep smiling.


You’re not alone. I was on my hands and knees ckeaning up a mess from one of our elderly boarding dogs yesterday !

Janet x

Avoiding the alcohol this time ??? Hope it goes well !!! Andy

I had a giggle when the peeps who provide my mobile stuff phoned…I’m now paying £7 a month SIM only and get 250 minutes talking a load of data stuff which means nothing to me or my ancient bullet-proof phone and wait for it…5,000 texts.Thats 165-ish a day.I’ve just sent my first one for months,ex wife is having her 50th in Budapest and I’m worrying about the other 164 for today and as for the 4,999…



One of my happy moments the squeaky chorus of “Musn’t do it! Mustn’t do it!” by the tinies at Taekwondo whenever I demonstrate a push up (I’m OK up to 7 after which push up roulette sets in - a sudden plugging self into the national grid electric shock guaranteed to cause collapse, punching the floor and much swearing - hence the kiddies chanting "Musn’t do it!)

Other than that - being referred to as “… this pleasant lady…” by my Neurologist - oh, if only she knew

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7 push ups - impressive. I try but stuck at 5.

Rough day today. Not many highlights or laughs. Car did pass MOT first time ( bit of a shock)

So all in good day.

Keep smiling.


Been to a friends and had fish and chips, doesn’t take much to keep me happy

Jan x

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It’s a beautiful day and not too hot.


Coupla days in the garden. Filled one brown bin yesterday, council emptied it today, and I’ve filled it again… (plus got enough cuttings for another three loads). Back to work next week for a rest !!!

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Just had an event invite on FB, friends going back to Turkey in Sept, I’m a maybe for now but it’s very tempting.

Jan x

PS Weather here this week has been lovely, nice and sunny but not hot enough to wear you out.

Really happy day night at the rugby big win for Leeds and it’s the weekend - two days off work

keep smiling


No one had a good day!

Bottle of wine in garden (not too hot) bit tipsy now so bedtime.

sleep well


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