Happy Birthday my darlin`

Hi guys.

Tomorrow will be my hubby`s 65th birthday.

Now many of you already know this, but he has been my main carer for around 15 years.

The powers that be, say when a male carer reaches 65 they can choose to either stay on Carer`s Allowance or receive their state pension.

Hubby had a letter and then a phonecall asking that question.

Well now, what do you think was the right answer?

Carer`s Allowance is £59 a week, before tax…yes, he did pay tax on it!


State Pension…£135 a week. He will be paying more tax on that.

He chose the latter! No brainer really, eh?

He keeps threatening he wont be assisting me after today and I will have to wait untill my other carers come…ie 1.75 hrs each day, plus 1 sleepover and 1 trip out. That leaves a huge bunch of hours when i`ll be up to me neck in you know what!

much luv Polly and Hubby.


Happy 65th Graham! Think the latter choice is really a no brainer!!! Xxx

Happy Birthday to him and hope he has a fantastic day x

Happy Birthday Polly’s Hubby.

Hope you have a really lovely day.

Bet hubby will still be doing all the caring but just not getting paid for it. Bless!!

Shazzie xx

Happy birthay to your hubby 65yrs young,funny how when under certain age say old ,and when over certain age say young.But if we are as old as we feel i must be about 90 lol julie

happy birthday Mr Poll hope its a good one.

jaki xx

Mr Polly says ta much

pollxx (mrs)

Happy Birthday to your lovely caring hubby! Anne x.

Ta Anne. Hows it going with the spc? Mines ok. Draining well.


Hi Poll,

Although your husband will be claiming his state pension he should ask that he has “underling entitlement” to carer’s allowance noted on his file. This means that he is still classed as a carer even though he doesn’t get paid the allowance.

The reason for doing this is that carer’s allowance sometimes gets you premiums and additions on other benefits like council tax benefit. It may not gain you anything right now but who knows what benefit changes are round the corner.

My mum claimed carer’s allowance for me when she was younger and fitter. She didn’t get any money because she was claiming her pension but she got a premium on pension credits and was paid extra on that.


Happy Birthday!!! Hope you both have a lovely day


Hi Jane, I have just read your message out to my hubby. He says he was told about it and will be getting a bit extra on his state pension.

Thanks for pointing it out. It could help others too.


Hi all.

Well hubby`s 65th birthday is here. has he stopped caring for me?

nah, course not! hes done the usual like bringing me brekkie in bed, emptying my night bag, helped me on and off the loo and done the paperwork (I have asked and been assessed for a clo-s-mat loo). He cant ignore me...im far too vocal!

luv Pollxx

Happy Birthday to your hubby, hope he has a lovely day. Lisa x

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAHAM - hope you have a wonderful day

Mary xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ;-)))))))))))))))))

Happy Birthday Graham - hope you have a great day! Teresa xx

Graham says thanks to all.

Hes been for a scan today...............apparently men over 65 are invited for AAA screening....no, nowt to do wi alcoholics anonymous…but it was for an abdominal aortic aneurysm…he got the all clear, so that`s fab!

luv Pollx