carer's allowance


i recently (in the last couple of weeks) saw a post on here about new rules for carer’s allowance.

could someone please repost it?


carole x

Just thought I would bump you back to the top Carole. I’m interested in this too.

Shazzie xx

Hi Carole, Shazzie, only change on my notification was the fact you can now earn £110.00 a week from April, I didn’t notice anything else, but knowing me, I probably haven’t read it properly, golng to check it !!! Tracey x

thank you shazzie and tracey

first one to find out wins a prize

Prize is mine! I think! according to letter,only change is how much you can earn,mind you sure this government will think of something !!! Tracey xx

arghh! i can’t get away from the despondency i felt at them being elected for another five looonng years!

well what do you want as a prize?

just a smile, weather lovely, wine helps you lose weight, what else do we need !!! Happy days !!! Tracey xx

hi tracey

nice reply!

being grateful for a sunny day, a smile from a stranger and a glass of wine is what we all need to remember.

here’s to more happy days

carole x

Cant beat it !!! Best tonic out !!! Tracey xx