Hands shaking that only lasts a couple of minutes!

I get this thing where my hands will shake when I hold them out in front of me but only lasts a couple of minutes then it just stops. It generally happens when i am hot, but not after a hot shower like my other symptoms. It’s not after coffee or when i’m under stress or anything. Does anyone else get this? Is this my ms or anxiety??!

I get this as well, just seems sporadic…i can feel the tremor in my arm before i notice it in my hands. Not sure if it is anxiety or not…guess not worrying about it would be the obvious solution…easier said though hey? If it is causing you lots of of trouble mention it to your nurse/gp/neuro. Hope it goes soon for you, if i spill one more drink on myself it will be too soon!

Sorry, I don’t know the answer, but my tremor varies loads. Some days my hands seem completely still, other days they shake like a leaf as soon as I try and do anything, especially requiring fine motor action, e.g. plucking my eyebrows. (I’ve warned my husband that he better get some practice in, just in case, because there is no way I am letting my eyebrows do whatever they want!).

This seems interesting and might help to answer your question:

Karen x

Thank you Karen you are a big help. Waxing your eyebrows might also work :slight_smile:

Are you dxed Anonymous? It is very hard not to worry about these things. I find my symptoms to be a lot worse when I am worried about them. I have a neuro appointment soon so will bring it up then.

Hi yes am Dx rrms. Yes definitely tell your neuro about it, let us all know how you get on :slight_smile:

Totally off topic of shaking hands but I don’t bother doing my own eyebrows anymore I get them threaded only £5 by me and do a fab job cos I get double vision trying to concentrate so close to my eyes! X

*splutter… PAY to have my eyebrows done? I’m SCOTTISH! :slight_smile:

Scot to Scot I know exactly how you feel - but I have been contemplating forking out £3.50 a time for this before I put an eye out…however I still can’t quite make the appointment…£3.50…that’s £1.55 more than I got in my first Saturday job. Such a dilemma.


LOL! Were we separated at birth?

Remind me to tell you my DIY haircut story some day (£30 at the local shop versus £0 doing it myself. No contest!) :slight_smile:


Erm…self cut hair…me too even though I couldn’t see myself in the mirror!!


Well, at least I had a mirror :slight_smile:

Karen - this morning I decided to put my money where my eyebrows are. Local place has upped price to £4.50 but…nothing ventured…

Five minutes of threading and I am gobsmacked…I could have worked on them for years [well I suppose I have] and never got them looking like this. Quite an odd feeling but a fantastic result. Well pleased - more so because the OH gave me the money…


That’s how the sneaky filtered words sucker you in! :slight_smile:

You’re excused then :slight_smile: