had an awful day :-((

Hi all just need to get it out…im absolutely exhausted fatigue n heavy legs so bad tday. im off sick at mo due bk monday but know i cant cope its overwhelming me all tbe time looking after my 3 children hubby is great but im struggling to get everything done even with his help. We cant afford to lose my wage tho so i know i camt leave work. ive just had a bath and fell asleep in it! Im in tears rigbt now just had enough. Sorry jst needed to vent xxx

Sounds like you are at the end of your tether. Your life sounds pretty exhausting, before you even add in the MS! I am sure you are at an awful low point and you will feel better in a few days. Be kind and gentle with yourself - you are not superwoman and you shouldn’t try to be. Xx Ps I have a feeling you may be forcing yourself to go back to work too soon - it is such a pressure isn’t it? I recently was forced by the ‘relapse monster’ to take some time off and was so anxious about it. But the MOST important thing is your health. No point in going back too early and making yourself worse and ending up off longer. Take care Bea xx

I was given the best advice by people who care - all that really needs doing is food and drink. Everything else will wait until I’m rested. I’ve always been very organised but had to sit back a bit. I was strongly encouraged to get someone to come in for an hour or so and she is worth every penny. I hope this helps.

Hi sorry your having a bad time just now. Can you consider taking early retirement? If not can your emplyers contact occupatonal health to see if anything could be done to lghten your load? It doesn`t cost them anything?