Hacked off!

Got up this morning not feeling great (what’s new) when Tesco called to say they couldn’t deliver my order as my debit card had been declined!

Phoned bank. To cut a long story short, some bast*rds in Paris had hacked my debit card details and bought over £1,000 worth of air tickets.

Thankfully the bank were great and refunded the money immediately, cancelled my card and sending a new one.

Phoned Tesco and paid with credit card so thankfully I got my order!

The whole thing was totally exhausting.

Hope whoever it was gets a good bout of food poisoning wherever they are going!

Hope you’re all ok. I’m off for tea and cakes for Easter in communal lounge downstairs.

Love to all,

Pat xx

Ba**ards, I’m sending them evil thoughts and bad karma.

Jan x

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These thieves are disgusting! They must have no conscience as I’d never be able to live with myself, I don’t sleep if I’ve hurt someone’s feelings even though I wouldn’t do it willingly. I’m glad you got your money back and your order got delivered.

I’m a firm believer in “What you give you’ll get back” They’ll come unstuck!

Take care

Cath x

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Oh Pat what a shame, some people are awful i’m glad you managed to sort it out life is hard enough without having this happen. I hope you are okay now, and this hasn’t left you completely worn out.

Michelle x

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Oh Pat, that’s rotten, I’m not surprised you’d be a bit angry! Yes, were is karma when you need it, glad things panned out for you in the end but who needs that kind of stress

Sonia xx

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Pat I strongly believe that what goes around comes around. I always say DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD BE DONE BY. which basically means those thieving bar stewards are in deep doggy do doos coz my xray thoughts are beaming into them and they are treading on nails FOR EVER.

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Thanks gang.

It was exhausting and felt panicked at first… but have to say the bank were very nice and resolved it quickly, and when I phoned Tesco back they were nice too and got the delivery out quickly.

That really makes the difference doesn’t it? If those people had been difficult or unfriendly it would have been much more upsetting.

Have a Good Friday everyone…

Pat xx

Glad you had such good service from the relevant people, it does make all the difference, and helps to reduce the stress levels.

i know we moan a lot, but there are a lot of people out there who are genuinely kind and helpful. They probably well outnumber the the brain dead low lifes who think nothing of thieving and worse.

kev x

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Hi Pat.

i had exactly the same thing, my card details were used in paris to pay for a £1900 holiday,its, so upsetting isnt it,i only use a card online now that has only £100 in it,

But last week my mastercard that i have never even used outside was also frauded,

this time it was picked up on quicker it was in the USA and a small transaction for 3 dollers,it was the trial where the crooks take a small amount first,i have had ir happen 5 times now over the last few years. i hope they rot in hell.

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Sorry to hear your news Pat it’s just as well the MS beast has not damaged your brain! Sounds like you handled the problem with speed and alacrity, that’s my girl! Wishing you a lovely peaceful Easter, sending chocolate and M

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Oh Pat, it never ceases to amaze me how low some people will go to, but I believe in karma, and they will get their comeuppance, the quicker the better.

Glad its sorted for you, have a lovely Easter.

Pam x

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Hi Mrs J, yes with mine they first downloaded some music for £1.10… as a trial as you say.

It is upsetting. But with this damned MS I rely heavily on buying on the internet so I’m just going to have to move on.

My wish is that they pick up something on the holidays my card paid for and spend a good few days on the loo! And they are then mugged and lose all their cash and their passports. Oh yes and they miss the plane home. And the airline loses their luggage… oh and when they get home they have been broken into and burgled of everything they own.

Is that enough do you think? Hmmm… I’m sure I can think of some more!!!

Pat xxx

Ahhh that’s a lovely message M.

Sending you chocolate bunnies through cyber space.

Pat xxx

Thanks Pam. I’m sure you’re right. What goes around comes around.

Have a lovely Easter.

Pat xxx

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