guns blazing

right if the dwp want a fight a fight is what theyll get, phoning new gp today, not going to be fobbed of with any old meds, they will be made to listen to me, they will be called when Ive had a fall, or when Im in bed due to pain and fatigue, then Im buying a camera just to show my bruises on knocks when I hit the floor just for good measure Ill hold the days newspaper up so I can prove the date, Im going to keep a diary showing how bad my days get, when my daughter has to wipe my backside because Im too weak Ill get her to sign it, when Im screaming with the pain who shall I get out the men in white coats, as its all in my head,so bring it on dwp Ill fight until you listen to me, anyone care to join me

Go for it! Best of luck, as dealing with these people is never easy. If only they could have a day in your life and you could watch how they got on eh.

Sonia x

Go get 'em!


Go for it…!!!

Hey Lally - stay strong and go for it! You’ll get there in the end. Teresa xx

Hi Lally

Good on yer girl, stay strong and go get 'em.


why the hell should we stop, were ill not bloody mad or scroungers