Hello my friends.

I am reaching out for information and support.

There is a strong possibility that I am relocating to Guernsey. This is fantastic as Guernsey is a beautiful island.

However obviously what concerns me is their health care system for MS. I will have to step out of the NHS.

I know I will have to pay around £35 to see a GP. Prescriptions are about £3.70 - which will soon add up as I think I currently have 10 and they are currently free for me.

Does anyone else live on Guernsey? If so do you take Tecfidera?

I will be sad to leave my current MS team as they are excellent - great consultant and MS nurses.

I know that there is a MS nurse on Guernsey called Debbie. Is there an MS consultant too and if so what are they like?

Also any good GPs?

Sorry so many questions. But I will really appreciate and thank you for any replies. Maybe no one lives on Guernsey!!!


Min xx

Hi, I have a pen pal I met on this forum. She doesn’t post much, but does read stuff. She lives in France, but is from Guernsey. As she has family in Guernsey, she is often on the island. She is a lovely lady and I’m sure she would be happy to help you.

Why not send her a pm? Her username is speedwell. Her name is Trudie.

I will tell her about you.

Good luck with the move.


Probably worth putting your questions to the Guernsey branch.

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Thanks guys.

Poll - I may contact Trudie.

Whammel - is there a forum like this on the Guernsey branch site? Your link took me eventually to Facebook which I’m a bit muppet like in using.


Min xx

Sorry, I don’t actually use the site, but thought it was a good place to ask about local services.

Hi Poll - your friend Trudie is an absolute star and has already PMed me already - sweetheart.


Min xx

All good stuff!

Nice to have pals who willingly help, in it?



I live in Guernsey :slight_smile: if you have any questions please feel free to ask.


Hi Tracey,

Thanks for this. Just back from Guernsey. Had a great time. Trying to find a property to rent but the housing restrictions are mad.

However we took a trip to the NW of the island and the coastline scenery was just so beautiful it took my breath away. Food yummy - especially partial to Guernsey crab.

I have made contact with MS nurse Debbie. Really just waiting for news that tec has been approved. As cant move until it is. Hubby is moving before me and starts work on Friday!!!

Can’t think of any more questions at the mo but will contact you again when they materialise.

many ththanks Min


No problem.

Debbie is amazing :slight_smile: My personal experience of GP’s, Specialists and the hospital is positive. Neurologist who comes over seems very good and is well thought of by other medics.

i think you know we don’t have NHS over here but there are several companies who provide insurance and your husbands employer may already have a package :slight_smile:

Scenery is stunning :slight_smile:


Hi Tracey,

Thanks for this. Nice to hear your positive thought on the Guernsey medics.

Hi Tracey,

Yes my husband will get private medical insurance which I will be able to tag onto. However I am not sure whether they will take on ongoing medical issues.

Julian leaves Thursday morning and starts work on Friday. I am going to miss him so much. But not the nagging to switch lights off and switches off will be bliss - and I can have the heating as high as I like and for as long as I like - ha ha ha.

Do you know anything about the Condor Ferry. Julian is planning on taking his very precious super shiny car across on the Condor. He would like his car in an enclosed part of the ferry and not on deck. He has been in touch with Condor - no success with this question. Do you know at all?

He loves his car and washes and polishes and shines it extensively - funny how he can’t wash up though!!!

Still I love him to bits and wouldn’t change him - much!!!

You take real good care of yourself and I thank you for your interest.


Min xx