Advice re MS and Cyprus

Hi, this is my first post having been diagnosed for around 7 years.

I am very interested in taking early retirement to Cyprus but despite hours/days of research online cannot find any information on the following…

  1. Is there an MS Society support in Cyprus? I did find a link to one however it opens a page which has nothing to do with MS.

  2. I understand that with the changes in NHS healthcare payable abroad, I will not be entitled to NHS paid treatment/medication if resident abroad until I reach state pension age. Can anyone advise on the costs of medication in Cyprus and is it available on public Health Service or only private? I am currently taking Extavia and suffer from the relapsing progressive form.

Any answers/advice/information would be very much appreciated.

Thanks (in advance).


just bumping you back up

Thanks Carole

I have a friend living in cyprus with her cypriot husband, i will ask her those questions for you.

Can’t tell you much about MS support in Cyprus, as we were posted there for 3 years and was lucky to have the forces for anything medical, the SMO arranged to have steroids available I did not have DMDs at the time('98-'01), there used to be someone who posted here,who lived there. I think the heat might be a bigger problem, and the pavements (although much improved, since they joined the EU), my in laws spend the winter there, it is not anywhere near as cheap as it was, they probably won’t be going again after this year, so we may nip over for a few days, for the last time. I can only tell you as regards to anything medical, vets (animals, not veterans!) are expensive, although there are a lot more of them now, as well as pet shops! I did love it, but not so much now.

fantastic Crazy, that would be appreciated

Thanks for the info. Hoping to be as prepared as possible before making any commitment

Hi advice from my friend.


yes there is an ms society you can get physio cheaper if you join

2 there is a health service which you can get as long as you have the relevant requirement if he goes on the Cyprus government website he can get all the info there!

I’m not sure about the drug he is on but for example you can get tysabri on the national health.

To be honest I think the health care here is superior!

if you have a health card here is 50 cents a drug 3 euros to see a general Dr or 6 euros to a specialist but you can sign for the health card and ends up go to the Cyprus institute of neurology and genetics for treatment he doesn’t pay anything apart from his drugs which are still 50 cents each.


I hope this helps.

Hi, many thanks for your help and please pass on my thanks to your friend. Should you or your friend think of anything else or anything new, I would be happy to hear about it.

ok, will do she can get the number for MS society if you ever need it. I lived in cyprus for 3 years and boy would i love to be there right now lol.

Hi Crazy, what I missed the most was the smell of freshly mowed grass, what I miss now,even years later is the customer service! juice and coffee even lunch until the brother, father or cousin brought whatever it was you wanted from wherever they had it…that usually being Nicosia! being able to get stuff fixed, actual repair shops!

a number for MS Society would be great. I’m going for a week in Feb to paphos so wouldn’t mind arranging a visit during the week there. Thanks again