Hi everyone

I am looking to talk to anyone on this site that lives in Austrailia. We are looking at emigrating and I wanted to know about meds, how much they cost, neurologists etc.

Look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks


Hi Linda,

Thought I'd posted something earlier but it hasn't been added.

Sorry can't help you but suggested that you went on the Australian MS society website and ask them.

Sounds very exciting - let us know how you get on.

Jen x

Yes there is someone living in Australia who regularly posts here - hopefully she'll see your post and reply. Sounds exciting


I live in Australia (Sydney)

I think that the health service here is very good - especially if you have MS. 

In terms of the drugs - in my experience you can choose which of the licenced drugs to take (there is no concept of first and second line drugs) and the drugs seem to get approved quicker over here

The medications are subsidised by the government through the pbs - I pay about $35 a month for Gilenya although you can get a further discount if you are disabled.

I see my neuro about once every six months and have an MS nurse for most day to day questions etc (think there is something the similar in the UK?).  I also have an mri about once a year.

Another useful thing to know is that private healthcare companies over here are not allowed to refuse cover if you have a pre-existing condition but there is a 12 month waiting period i.e. you have to be a member for 12 months before you claim.

The MS Society over here is also pretty good and put on events etc quite regularly.

Any other questions let me know!




The main thing to consider is whether or not you will be eligible to get a visa in the first place. Australia is pretty harsh in its assessment of health conditions and basically if you have a chronic condition that will cost the Australian taxpayer ongoing costs in an area of medical short supply you may be refused a visa. Because of the MS you will have to undergo a Health check and the results of this will determine your eligibility for the visa. I'd be checking this out pretty quickly before getting any other plans under way.


If you are eligible for a visa, Australia is excellent in terms of its MS health care. British subjects are covered by our Medicare system as part of the reciprocal health care arrangement with the UK and with this you would have access to free treatment at a public hospital, reduced cost medicines which are on the PBS (NHS equivalent) and subsidised GPs visits.

As far as MS goes most of the major hospitals run MS clinics, which are excellent. The DMDs are covered by the PBS and would cost $38.00 approximately. We don't have the postcode lottery here that you seem to have over there and we seem to prescribe the DMDs far more readily to far more people and earlier in the disease course. If you are already on a DMD I can't see that being a problem continuing it.

Most people seem to have an annual MRI through the public health system (so no out of pocket costs) and would see their neuro roughly every 6 months and again no out of pocket costs if seeing one at a public clinic.

MS nurses are attached to most of the clinics and in my experience are only a phone call away. The MS Society also has MS Nurses available and they too are only a phone call away. There is no cost for this, including any home visits they make. The MS Society also has physios, OTs, psychologists and Community Workers all available and in my experience they are brilliant. I rang the Community Worker to ask for an OT assessment and she was on my doorstep 3 days later :-)

Most public hospitals also have Community Rehab Units attached to them where you can go for regular out patient visits for physio and OT etc too.

I have found my health needs really well met over all here. There are always going to be idiot Drs wherever you go and annoying situations but overall I reckon we have a pretty good system here. I think your major issue is going to be the visa. Get on to that ASAP and good luck. I do hope it isn't a stumbling block for you.

Where in Australia are you planning to come? I am in Victoria.