Applying For an Australian Visa if you have MS

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Just wondering if anyone with MS has sucessfully been granted an Australian visa. My wife has MS, and we were planning on going to Australia from the UK for a couple of years, part of the application process involves a medical. We have an agent working on the visa process, the agent has told us they’re not sure if the application will be sucsessful as they haven’t processed an application with a MS health condition.

If anyone with MS has been through this process and would like to share their experiences we would love to hear from you.

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Hi there, i came across your post as myself and my husband are just starting to look at thw possibility of emigrating. I wonder if your wife got through the medical and how difficult you found the process to be?

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The medicals i went through for emigration were concerned mainly with cancers, aids and hepatitis. They were for Canada though; Each country undoubtedly imposes their own screening.

good luck with it!

I think you should go for NZ… the kiwis are lovely people. meanwhile in australia, the whole country sounds like a saturday night out in durham; lots of drunkeness and strange accents, with a potentially lethal bite lurking behind every corner!


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Don’t kiwi’s get pissed off with people thinking they’re aussies the same way kanooks get pissed off bods think they’re yanks ? (I think I’ve offended enuff ?) Down bouncer ! (Just in case)

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tis true!

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otherwise to play it safe, everyone is either canuckian or kiwi!

Nothing wrong with a night out in The Land of The Prince Bishops

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Hubby meets all the entry requirements fo moving to NZ, but we can’t because my MS makes it a no go. so really its not any easier then Australia sadly. all depends on the person, so worth trying but having MS does make it a little harder to move :confused:

“canuckian” never heard that before lol canuck yes but not canuckian :stuck_out_tongue: i dont get angry when people think I’m American, don’t actually know a lot of Canadians that do actually :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is that because Canadians are nicer than the yanks ? :smiley:

probably :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

oh and with both NZ and Australia its all about not being a burden on their system, so MS makes it complicated since it can be financially draining :confused: Not to burst anyones bubble, but having MS does tend to be a no, but can vary person to person, country to country. With Canada, hubby did a medical and it was just concerned about TB mostly :stuck_out_tongue: but if he had of been the one with MS it would have complicated things (different visa probably, more likely Family Sponsorship, so it is possible to move with MS, just more paperwork). but its the same there, if CIC think you will be a finical burden, its a no (but it does seem to a bit easier to move to Canada, maybe its because of having more space, and actually when we were applying for his PR card, we were told they look more kindly on people who say they will live somewhere other than Toronto :stuck_out_tongue: In Scotland now, moved here before the diagnoses, but not sure what would have happened if I was diagnosed before moving…

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yes we are. but then… who isn’t?

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maybe the canuckian attitude is more kindly to MSers due to canada have the greatest prevalence of it?

That’s what I thought - keep you all together. … :wink:

Actually, Canada rates 5th behind Hungary, Slovenia, Germany, and the USA (that’s on a rate per 100,000 basis).
other figures suggest that Croatia and Iceland are ahead of Hungary.
if you come down below country level, the Orkney Islands actually have the highest rate in the world. with the Shetland Islande in second place.

Canada? Isn’t that the part of America that does not pay taxes to Washington?


I see your prevalence penis, and thus present mine, in graphical form (with source reference): (dated March 2015)

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