Moving to Australia with MS

My family and I really want to move to Australia, but we have also found that we are unlikely to be approved because I have MS.
I am wondering if anyone knows anyone or if anyone on here has been able to move to Australia despite having MS?

Hi, interesting topic.
Hope your dreams come true.
Do let us know.

Hi, like Bouds says, an interesting topic. I have a brother and his family live in Perth, we went for a visit, lovely there. Personally I think as long as you have the money to fund any care, or med’s you might need I don’t see why they would refuse, but I do think you’d have to fund it yourself, private health care and all that, good luck.

Just came across this thread and wanted to offer some help. It sucks that MS is holding you back from moving to Australia. I can’t say I know anyone personally who’s done it with this condition, but it’s definitely worth exploring all your options. Have you thought about talking to an immigration lawyer who deals with medical cases? They might be able to give you some advice on how to approach your situation and increase your chances of getting approved. Btw, if you’re interested in overseas property investment, you may want to look into investing in Australia as a way to establish a connection and potentially increase your chances of approval. Anyway, I hope your move went great.