Anyone have advice on emigrating to Australia or New Zealand?

Does anyone have any advice on emigrating to either Australia or New Zealand?

I was diagnosed with rrms 7years ago and was under the illusion that emigrating would not be an option, however i think i could be wrong. My health is good, i have next to no symptoms and have never taken any meds, that said, who knows what the future may bring and understandibly I am worried about health care and the cost of it should me and the other half choose to go.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Head south east ??? :smiley: :wink:

in both of those countries all the info is online, but in both of those countries it comes down to not being a burden on their system, and MS can be. While I have read of people moving there with MS, no idea how they get past the red tape without spending a lot of money doing so.