Australian visa help!

Hi everyone,

I really want i make the move from London to Australia on either a skilled work visa (preference) or a working holiday visa next year.

I can’t find ANYTHING online about whether or not this is possible. My concern is that the cost of my treatment (ocrevus) will be deemed to much of a strain on the Australian health care system, so they will reject my visa application. This is despite the UK-Aus agreement that UK citizens have access to Medicare while working in Australia (I think the Australian government have a threshold of how much they are willing to fund per person, and therefore would reject someone deemed to be too expensive)

On the flip side, I know of someone who has been able to move! And just said the application was a bit more complicated because of her MS - waiting to hear more details on this.

For some more context, I have had no activity in my scans for 2 years now, and no relapse or major symptoms since my initial diagnosis 6 years ago. I wonder if my consultant could support my visa application by saying this? I also know that I would definitely be able to get private healthcare, however I wouldn’t be able to use this to cover my “pre-existing condition” for the first year in Australia… so a bit of a risk but I’ll think about that hurdle once I can understand whether or not I’ll be accepted with a visa!

Any advice is most appreciated. Thank you!

Australia does have a threshold for healthcare costs that could impact visa applications. However, as a UK citizen, you do have access to Medicare while working in Australia under the reciprocal healthcare agreement. This means that some healthcare costs may be covered during your stay.
To get a clearer picture of how this might affect your visa application, you could get some advice from immigration experts like Barar Associates. They specialize in visa services and can guide you based on your specific circumstances.