Australia Visa applications


I have booked to go to Australia thinking of applying for the working travel visa. I am 23 and am working full time as an OT with relapsing remittent MS but despite two sensory relapses this year it is not impacting my ability to work.

I am on Tecfidera however this doesn’t seem to be working (hence the two relapses) and so they would like to put me on Gilenya. I just wondered if anyone had any advice/experience of going to Australia on a temporary working travel visa for a year or who I can ask for some advice.

I have seen previous posts mentioning going through systems to check you are eligible but I am worried this will put a black stamp next to my name prior to me applying.

Also wondered if anyone knew about the cost of each treatment? and whether I be covered by medicare on a temporary working travel visa.

Many thanks!


Probably wouldnt be covered by medicare, but best to phone someone about it because it can get very complicated. Gilyena is free in the UK so cant help you with the cost of it. I know in some places the cost can be thousands a year in Canda, not sure about USA

same thing about the visa, shouldnt be a problem because you are not moving there to live, but better to talk to the people that know since the laws can change so quickly.

sorry cant help but these but are question best answered probably by a lawyer

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