im considering a move to portreath near redruth in cornwall to be closer to family for support.

i was wondering if anyone might be willing to tell me about their experiences of ms services in this part of the world ?

many thanks martin

Hi Martin im in Stives just down the road from Portreath and covered by the same area was at Portreath last weekend for a rideout and we love the place so good move buddy as far as fresh air peace and being close to parents as for health services i spent 14yrs being told i was suffering from Parkinsons , Dystonia, Essential Tremor, Dystonic Tremor then when i went blind they did a scan and it revealed leisions and the symptoms have spiralled into play since then resulting in DX in May 2014 then they revealed they had found a scar in 2009 but failed to tell me i then changed Neuro’s since then its gone from bad to worse my new neuro seems okay but i will reserve judgment as ive only seen him once , my ms nurse i emailed when i thought i was having a relapse as i was new to it all and not sure.

Seen as my last relapse left me blind in the left eye i wanted reasurance and i got a reply from her 3 months later.

A few weeks back 5-6 weeks i hit a wall as she stated as my app was with her the very next day and since then the leftovers from the so called wall has left me wondering so i do what she says we have to do and emailed her again…im still waiting for the reply.

I am not judging anyone nor would i name anyone yet but please draw your own conclusions to the above and i am sure its down to workload and funding etc but to me theres no excuse as every MS suffer derserves the right to good treatment regardless of their colour creed or religion (im a sinner , i wont need a jumper for where im going…down , it will be warm) and each should be treated with care compassion and fairness , i havent had any.

The very persons i will give praise to are my Doc’s and my Pain Clinic Doc these folks have been superb all the way no faults no issues they have my back feeling is evident.

Hope i havent put you off as i am sure theres some good folks down here all the best

Respect sheep

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Hi, I dont have any medical knowledge of Cornwall, but I do know what a beautiful place it is, as we holidayed there many times.

Good luck with the move.


To be honest, It isn’t great. I live in Bodmin, and I don’t get any support at, apart from my GP and the Continence nurse. I don’t have an MS nurse and neurologist won’t see me cos there is nothing he can do for me. This doesn’t mean you will have the same experience though. Good luck, love Bex xxx


I lived in Truro but I moved back ‘up country’ last year to be near my family. I absolutely loved Cornwall. Treliske hospital were always very good to me. The MS nurse was lovely and I felt that my needs were met very well. I do hope you get to know the team as soon as you move down there. You are moving to a beautiful part of the country and the fresh, clean air is so good for you. Make sure you make the most of the stunning views and the lovely laid back way of life!

Happy pasty eating :wink:

Debbie xx