what are services for those with MS like in truro cornwall please thanx.

Hello everyone.

im thinking of moving but wanted to know if anyone outthere within the cornwall /devon area knew what nhs services was like in truro ( cornwall) were thinking of moving here maybe for husbands work but i need to know how good or bad the neurology dept and ms care providers were like in truro.

thankyou to everyone who replys to this post x

hope you are all as well as you can be x caz

Hi Caz,

I live in Cornwall and have access to the Neuro team, which in my opinion are excellent. I have had RRMS for many years, during which time I only got referred to Neuro at the RCHT by my GP when he & I thought I needed it. Unfortunately, over the last couple of years my diagnosis has changed to SPMS and I’m in the progress of being ‘retired’ from work due to ill health. Although I don’t see my Neurologist regularly as I have a diagnosis, I have regular appts with my MS Nurse and more recently with the Rehab Consultant who between them are working on my pain management. I have had a lot of input by both my physio & speech & language therapist and am having a visit by my OT (ACS) later today.

As mentioned by Caroline, we now have the Merlin Centre which offers many services, some free for persons with MS & their carer, some at greatly reduced rates.

After reading some of the posts and problems some have, with getting any support with this confusing (at least that’s what I think it is, as you never know what it’s going to challenge you with next!!), I feel I’m very lucky with all the help & support I have received.

Cornwall, despite all the rain, is a beautiful place to live (I’ve got to say that, I’m married to a cornishman lol) and Truro city centre isn’t the easiest of places to get around in a wheelchair, I wouldn’t like to live anywhere else now.

Hope this helps, take care.

Sandie x

Julie Collingbourne, MS specialist nurse at the RCH, Truro. Is in my opinion unbeatable.

As said in the other posts, we also have the “Merlin Centre“, for MS treatments/therapy .

Chris R.

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