MS in Guerney

Hi all. I’ m 25 and live in Guernsey, Channel Islands. I am relatively newly diagnosed and am trying to find other people in Guernsey who have MS that would be open to meeting for a coffee and answering all my stupid questions!! I’m a good listener if anyone’s wants to vent too! Pm me if interested. Thanks and have a good day x

Hullo ‘nevitt86’,

I’m responding to your message - unfortunately, I can’t meet for a coffee (I live in Dalgety Bay in Fife (Scotland) ) and I’m 55 - I haven’t been to Guernsey but you should be able to ask questions on this ‘website’.

Hope that you have a good day, today.

Marcus. (been diagnosed for 14 years)

Hi, an MS buddy of mine lives in France, but sees her neuro in Guernsey. I`ll message her and ask her to contact you.

luv Pollx

Welcome to this site - and the lovely Poll looks as if she has come up trumps - and will try to help you.

Hope you find some more contacts. lf there is not a group who meet up regularly perhaps you could get one started.

All the best


Hi guys, thanks for you responses. I will do some investigating about local support groups and see what’s out there. Take care. X