Grrr - just woke up to water coming through kitchen ceiling

Grrr just woke up to wAter coming through kitchen ceiling. I’ve moped it up but electricity is still tripping as it’s beside the light. Did leave the water in the bath last night but not at a high level was exhausted so didn’t make the bath. Just what I need got up early to hVe a bath but that not going to happen now. I’ll leave it a few hours. Did phone ex who is a plumber and got I don’t know. Don’t use the bath which is unhandy as the shower is also in it. Great start and the headache I had yesterday is still here. Need to money tassimo to another room and try and get electricity

What a nightmare that must be! Is there someone you can call on to help out? I wouldn’t know where to start, coffee might be your best bet! Hope it gets sorted soon and your headache shifts. X

Well ive managed to mop it up. So it’s acceptable. The roof looks like it’s drying out. It’s a false wooden ceiling so I can just hope it’s drying above the wood too. But can’t put lights on in kitchen as the water was next to light so will need to dry out. Then went to take Callum to nursery and the garage door wouldn’t work as it’s connected to the kitchen light. So phoned mum she came to get Callum and willow decided there was enough chaos here she hadn’t had breakfast as I’d to wake her at 8.45 so when mum came in the arms went up to mum and I got a wave and her saying tata. Treacherous little madam lol. So she’s off to mums. Ahhhh peace. Now having a latte. Ex will maybe come in and have a look but it will need to be sorted for selling the house and he can’t have his kids smelly lol. I may have said look it’s ok ill phone another plumber lol. Thinking I may go have a bath and just pray I don’t come through the ceiling. You’ll know if I go quiet I’m in plaster cast from the neck down haha Hope you all have a good day x

As if you didn’t have enough to deal with! I hope that the cause of the leak is easily and cheaply fixable and that you have managed to shift the headache.