grrr I`m getting sooooo mad!

Hi gang! Hope it doesnt` take eons to type this.

I am really getting my dander up! Been looking for a coach firm which takes wheelchair bound folk on board.

Found 2…fab!

Rang `em up;

  1. Stanley Coaches. North East

They dont pick up in Yorkshire

  1. Chalfont Line.

Photos of beautiful coaches. Everything I need…wonderful!

I rang and got what sounded like a very puzzled woman when I asked for a 2015 brochure.

She said Were not doing holidays.`

Oh......ok…I hung up.

Has anyone heard of them? Or even used them, please?

luv Pollx

Sorry Poll but I’ve never heard of Chalfont Coaches. I bet you look beautiful though, when you get your ‘dander up’


Is it this one Poll?

I’ve never done a coach holiday, but I believe Shearings do them and have a special tel number for those who need wheelchair accessible transport and accommodation.

Good luck, I’ll be interested to know if you find what you’re looking for.